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How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Post-Baby

You have exactly five minutes to get ready in the morning and nothing seems to fit right. You don’t know how much your body will change after this (so how do you shop?). How the heck do you manage to look (and feel) hot? The answer is the right clothes! Here’s your wardrobe strategy.

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Seraphine scarf


The key to looking put-together is the right accessories. “Use your accessories as tools,” says Koch. She recommends longer necklaces -- either beaded or chains with pendants -- which end at your cleavage or lower, which can create an elongating illusion, making you look slimmer. Wear dangly earrings, instead of studs, since they brighten and bring attention to your face (instead of any body parts you may not want in the spotlight right now). These accessories might be tough to wear while you're holding a grabby baby, but they work great for a day at the office or your friend's bridal shower.

Gauze, silk or cotton scarves are also stylish accessories that can add a pop of color to a plain black (slimming!) top. Choose longer styles that end at the top of your thigh; this will hide your stomach.

Also, note that you don’t have to go dowdy when it comes to your underthings. There are a lot of really stylish (even sexy!) nursing bras on the market, and nursing tanks can make you feel less weird about breastfeeding in public, since they keep your tummy covered. It’s important to get good undergarments that flatter you and don’t restrict your clothing choices.

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