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7 Quick and Easy Recipes for New Moms

You didn’t even have time to take a shower today. How the #$%* are you going to cook? Try one of these simple recipes (we promise they won’t stress you out) or pass them to your partner so he can whip one up.

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goat cheese chicken

Chicken With Goat Cheese and Basil

This delicious (but non-complex) dish of chicken stuffed with goat cheese comes from famed chef Ina Garten but you can totally make it at home if you can just get baby to chill in her swing for a bit. New-mom diet perk: a lot of protein! Add veggies like spinach, peppers or onions into the goat cheese stuffing for more greens. Serve with some brown rice or couscous and you’ve got a dish that’s gourmet and healthy.

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Photo by Barefoot Contessa at Home / The Bump

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