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7 Quick and Easy Recipes for New Moms

You didn’t even have time to take a shower today. How the #$%* are you going to cook? Try one of these simple recipes (we promise they won’t stress you out) or pass them to your partner so he can whip one up.

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one pan lasagna

One-Pan Lasagna

Who doesn’t love a good, hearty lasagna? Don’t worry. This one isn’t going to completely ruin your resolution to eat healthy. It has plenty of veggies like spinach, carrots and onions so you’ll be helping your, um, digestion and getting a full serving of the green and orange stuff. With one pan, no intricate layering to do (like with most other lasagnas) and less than 25 minutes to cook, you’re going to be glad you skipped that nap to make it.

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