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Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

What should I keep in my diaper bag?

Re: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

The Bump Expert

How much you carry depends on whether you like to be ultra-prepared or to travel light. If you're bottle-feeding, you're going to want to keep extra bottles, nipples and formula in the bag. Are you a nursing mom? Throw in your nursing cover. Be sure to have important numbers (in case of an emergency), extra money (you'll be prepared for an unexpected snack time), a hat, zip-top bags (for dirty diapers or clothes), an extra blanket and a change of clothes, since you never know when there will be a diaper blowout! Another smart idea: Keep a copy of baby's updated immunization card in a safe spot (like a plastic baggie, so it won't get spilled on!) so you're prepared at each doctor's visit. Of course, don't forget wipes and extra diapers (one for every two hours, plus a few extra)!

Deborah Davis, MD, pediatrician

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

I always have: diapers (usually 3-4, more depending on length of outting), wipes, 2 pacifiers and paci wipes, bottles/food (amounts depending on length and times of outting), bibs (2-3), and usually a spare outfit (don't forget socks and a warmer top/jacket), and definitely toys! Just try to imagine a typical day at home around the same time frame, and bring along what you would usually use at home in the same time frame.

laustin35 |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

I use a re-purposed Crumpler Yee-Ross daypack that has two zippered pockets in front, and on the inside, a zippered pocket and a compartment for storing a laptop computer. The "laptop" space is where I keep medical records for baby (business card of pediatrician, immunization records, etc.). The bigger compartment inside the backpack is for my pocketed Patemm pad filled with diaper stuff, plus nursing cover and burpcloth. Outside pockets are for "emergency entertainment" and snacks/water bottle adapter. For diaper-changing-related stuff, I kept 2-3 diapers in a ziplock bag, a travel-sized hardcase for wipes, an assortment of used ziplock bags for sealing up poopy diapers and soiled clothing, a coverall/easy-to-put-on shirt & pants, a tube of diaper cream, some hand sanitizer and a cheap 99-cent Ikea over-the-door hook for bathroom stalls that don't have hooks. All this stuff fits into my Patemm pad that has pockets built into it. Sometimes for quick trips to the neighborhood library, playground, post office or supermarket, I just toss this Patemm into the stroller basket and leave the rest of the daypack at home. For feeding, I keep a rolled-up flannel burp cloth (very absorbent) and nursing cover. I also have a GreenSprouts water bottle adapter, a rolled up Platypus water bottle and a tiny glasslock container filled with Annie's cheddar bunnies, Trader Joe's freeze-dried banana chunks or HappyBaby yogurt melts. For emergency entertainment, I keep an extra Raspberry teether with a velcro attachment that snaps onto clothing, a rattle and a tiny book. These easily fit into the outside pockets of the daypack, where they're accessible for those feeding/boredom emergencies.

eggsnotyetexpired |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

You’ll soon find a formula that works for you, but until then, here’s a guide for packing the diaper bag. Adjust according to season, the length of your trip (around the block or around the world?), and baby’s age and special needs. [ ] Diapers (one for every two hours and a few extra) [ ] Diaper wipes in a zipper bag (these also work as hand wipes for mommy) [ ] Changing pad [ ] Diaper cream [ ] Plastic bags for dirty clothes and diapers [ ] 1-2 changes of clothes [ ] Shirt or jacket for baby and mommy [ ] Blanket [ ] Hat for sun or cold [ ] Bottles and formula (for a lighter load, measure powdered formula into clean bottles and mix with tap water at the destination, or pack bottled water) [ ] Baby food and spoons [ ] Burp cloths and bibs [ ] Teething gel or rings [ ] Pacifiers (pack with nipples in a clean bag) [ ] Toys for comfort and distraction [ ] Hand sanitizer [ ] Sunblock (if baby is over six months) [ ] Antibiotic cream, fever and pain reducer, antihistamine [ ] Emergency phone numbers and information -- Paula Kashtan Jun 03, 2009

kdc83 |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

I always keep in my diaper bag a bottle of milk in case the baby is hungry and a lot of other stuffs.

ioana06 |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

I nursed my first daughter, but I leaked so I always kept an extra top for myself, as well as extra breast pads. I also cloth diapered, so I had 2-3 diaper changes (amount depending on the length of he outing), plus ziplock bags to put dirties in. I always had a paci or two, and one or two toys. My daughter was very particular about toys so whatever she was holding pretty much was the only thing she would play with. We also had one of those receiving blankets at all times. She didn't care which one, but she wanted those "snugglies" everywhere.

TamaraR4 |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

Here's a great buying advice guide from BabyGearLab that helps in choosing a diaper bag including which items it should be able to hold.

nikkibs |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

Always have the basics depending on what stage of infancy your baby is in. Infants and toddlers require different essential items. Babies require diapers, wipes, bibs, dirty diaper bags, change of clothes, pacifiers, breastfeeding items, etc. Toddlers require snacks, change of clothes, pullups/cloth diapers, toys, wipes, etc. It really all depends on your child's developmental stage. Hope this helps.

LuvBags10 |


I learned to bring along the nasal aspirator for long outings, especially during allergy season!

sventura |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

You'll figure out pretty quickly what you need and don't need regularly when you go out - and all this changes as your baby develops. But my one piece of advice is about the diaper bag, itself. After registering for one adorable (magnetized, but zipper free), popular diaper bag and receiving it, PLUS a second one of the same brand as gifts, I gave up quickly and bought a $5 backpack from Target. In my experience, especially as a single mom, I need a zipper and something I can throw on my back in order to be hands free. But the zipper, I found, is essential. When trying to balance everything along with a new baby, that bag is destined to spill. It's not nearly as cute, but I will swear by it from now on and to every new mom I come across.

ChoiceMama12 |

Q&A: What should I keep in my diaper bag?

This is a question that is simply answered by your own needs. From diapers and wipes to a spare outfit, the diaper bag is an important accesory. And if you want to be one of the cool moms, you can even go for a personalized western belt that works with everything you choose to wear. Nevertheless, your diaper bag should keep all the 'mommy equipment' and respond to your baby's needs.

KatePolish |