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Q&A: Postpartum checkup?

What can I expect at my postpartum checkup?

Re: What can I expect at my postpartum checkup?

The Bump Expert

It’s been a long road since that first prenatal appointment. Six weeks after giving birth, it’s time to visit your doctor for your last checkup. If you had a C-section, you’ll probably be asked to come in sooner to make sure you’re healing properly from surgery.

Since this post baby stuff is completely new to you -- the aches, the pains, the emotions -- make sure to write down all your questions beforehand. There are no stupid questions and it’s completely expected that you’ll want a few answers at this visit. It’s an especially good time to discuss birth control options. Just because you’re breastfeeding and not menstruating doesn’t mean you still can’t get pregnant.

Your doctor will check your breasts for lumps and abnormal discharge. If you’re breastfeeding, she’ll make sure your ducts aren’t clogged or that you don’t have an infection. She’ll look at your abdomen for returning muscle tone and do a pelvic exam to see if your uterus is almost back to its normal (pre-pregnancy) size and that the cervix is closed. She’ll check how well any episiotomy or laceration has healed.

During this visit, your doctor will also check your weight, blood pressure, and how your life is going with baby. Any lab tests she deems necessary will also be administered, such as a blood count if you lost a lot of blood during birth. And if the timing is right, you’ll get your annual Pap test.

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