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Q&A: Postbaby skin and hair?

How will my skin and hair change after giving birth? What can I do about it?

Re: How will my skin and hair change after giving birth? What can I do about it?

The Bump Expert

Those first few months after having baby are usually filled with stress, sleepless nights, and lovely hormonal changes (yay!) that may or may not affect your skin and hair. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they’ll never return to the way they were. But if you’re starting to notice some major postbaby changes, be aware that you’re not alone and prepare yourself for how to deal.

Solving the skin problems
While some moms find themselves saddled with oily skin, others wind up with dry and flakey postbaby skin. Mamas with oily skin should turn to oil-free makeup and toners (check out Shaklee’s Minerelles line of natural-based makeup), try out new cleansers (two of our personal faves: Origins’ foaming face wash and Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser), and invest in tried-and-true blotters like Clean & Clear’s portable oil-absorbing sheets. Tip: If you’re in a pinch and on the go, stop at any restroom with a toilet seat cover dispenser and rip off a piece of the wax paper to blot away oil. Works like a dream -- trust us.

For moms who are suddenly battling dry skin, try an oil-free moisturizer that will restore your skin without clogging your pores. Some of our favorite oil-free moisturizers are actually designed for moms-to-be but work just fine postpregnancy. Check out Basq’s Rebalancing Facial Cleanser, filled with micro exfoliants and made from exotic flower blossoms, or try the MomFinds-recommended Complete E Cranberry Creme by Derma-E, which will restore your skin with natural vitamins.

Noticed any dark splotches on your face lately? Don’t freak out -- these are caused by your body’s increase in melanin production (a skin pigment) and are totally normal. Eventually your melanin levels will return to what they once were, but it might be after baby is weaned from breastfeeding. You can help prevent this by staying out of the sun as much as possible and protecting yourself with a moisturizer or foundation that has sunblock in it. (Our pick: Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint with SPF 15 -- a sunblock, moisturizer, and oil-free foundation all in one!)

If you’re suddenly dealing with sporadic breakouts, try Beaute de Maman’s all-natural Face and Body Cream. Not only is it specially designed for combating blemishes, it’s also perfectly safe for both pregnant and nursing women. Plagued by a nasty combo of both oily and dry skin? Head to Skin iD, Neutrogena’s line of personalized (and super-effective) skincare.

Battling those stretch marks
While a whopping 90 percent of us will get stretch marks sooner or later, some are hit a little harder than others (and we can blame this one on genetics). Try to preserve your skin’s firmness and elasticity during and after pregnancy. We highly recommend Bella B’s Tummy Honey Cream, made with all-natural products.

Sprucing up that new-mommy hair
Another little-known postbaby fact is that most new moms actually lose their hair after giving birth. Before you freak out, remember that almost everyone goes through it and that it’s a natural result of your hormones trying to sort themselves out. While most nonpregnant women lose about 100 to 125 hairs a day, new moms often lose up to 500 hairs a day after delivery. True, it’s a hard thing to watch your hair fall out, but calm yourself with the thought that it will go back to normal in six months or so.

In the meantime, you can mask your thinning hair with some tried-and-true volumizing products like Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray or Frederic Fekkai’s Full Volume Mousse. Another trick is to blow-dry with a larger, round brush to add volume and give the illusion of a fuller head of hair (we love the Cricket Technique Thermal Ionic Brush #450).

Of course, if your postbaby skin or hair problems persist well beyond six months after delivery, it’s best to talk to your doctor and see if there may be any underlying medical issues causing your problems. Check out more great skin care products for new moms at

Bump Kaitlin

re: Q: Postbaby skin and hair?

The part about hair loss is so true. I pulled a whole handful of hair out while rinsing my hair this morning. Yuk!

SevenLongYears |

Q&A: Postbaby skin and hair?

check out this give away... it's awesome eye cream!

clcschick24 |

Q&A: Postbaby skin and hair?

my daughter will be 6 months in a few days, and i'm STILL shedding hair like crazy!! whats up with this??

Markie Anne |

Q&A: Postbaby skin and hair?

So many women stop taking their prenatal vitamins once they give birth or stop nursing their baby, but you don't have to stop taking them at all. I battled with hair loss at first, but I decided to get back to taking them and it seemed to help. As far as stretch marks go I try to battle those before I had/have my baby. I try really hard not to scratch because for me personally the stretch marks would worsen if I did. Instead, I am constantly rubbing creams on my belly to soften the skin and help with the stretching. Creams are much thicker and tend to have longer lasting effects. Palmer's Stretch mark cream and Natural Shea butter are both awesome, but my personal favorite is Sexy Belly made by Carol's Daughter. It's a blend of both Shea and Cocoa butter and has natural oils also. It doesn't smell great, but it has truly been a god send for me!

mcbooker524 |

Q&A: Postbaby skin and hair?

My fiance finds my hair everywhere! We don't understand how i still have hair? It's so hard because I already have thin hair, so I tease it to make it look thick and full but it only makes the hair loss worse. My stretch marks were really red and dark but now that I'm loosing weight they are fading and shrinking. So as hard as it is with the lack of sleep and energy, do something active! Trust me I know how hard it is, especially being a part time college student!

natalyrobledo |