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Q&A: How to stay organized as a new mom?

I feel so stressed with my new baby -- there's so much going on I can barely keep up with it all. How can I stay better organized?

Re: I feel so stressed with my new baby -- there's so much going on I can barely keep up with it all. How can I stay better organized?

The Bump Expert

Sometimes it is very helpful for new moms to write things down. When I work with new moms we put together a baby binder filled with all the important information for the new baby. First I would start with simply writing a schedule for the baby. You can begin by logging when the baby eats, sleeps, etc. Then once a pattern has been formed you can implement a schedule around the baby's needs. This will allow you to know when the baby needs to eat, when the baby needs a nap, and so on. This will also allow for a constancy of care between all caregivers.

In the binder, you can also place any important information for the baby. If the baby takes any medicine you can chart the dosing amount and times given. There can be a section for all medical records or concerns that you can bring to the doctor with you. You can also leave a blank section for notes and to-dos. If you are feeling overwhelmed I would recommend taking out a blank piece of paper and writing out everything in your head and everything that is stressing you. Try to tackle one item a day and enlist others to help, if possible. Set up a schedule for your baby and you that works best for your lifestyle. This will allow you to know the best times for errands, play dates and when to get home for naps. There are also many websites that have checklists and papers that you can download for organization tips in the home. Remember to keep realistic expectations of what "needs" to get done each day and what can wait for the next day.

Tammy Gold

re: Q: Staying organized?

If available in your area, check in to ordering your groceries online and having them delivered. It really helps keep me sane and organized - I plan all the meals and shop for a week at a time. You'll save time, especially since you can squeeze it in between feedings, late at night, while baby naps, etc. I also find that I do less impulse buying, which saves me a ton of money and more than compensates for the delivery charge each week. Finally - and for me, most importantly - I can shop without the distractions of a newborn and a screaming four year-old. I never end up forgetting anything (even with a list, I always went home without something crucial), and my preschooler throws a few less fits in a day and doesn't sneak any junk food into the cart.

happysparkle |

Q&A: How to stay organized as a new mom?

Do little things. Instead of leaving your plate on the table to do later, pick it up and put it in the dishwasher. Also, grab any miscellaneous items laying around (i.e. junk mail, dirty socks, dog toys, baby toys) and put them away when you leave a room. Spending 5 minutes to put things back will help you to keep your life organized and encourage you and others to keep things clean. It seems like once there is a little mess, the mess will grow exponentially until it seems to take over your entire home. Also you will be able to find that special toy to calm your child when they are screaming because it will be where it is supposed to be, not in the basement under the left couch cushion.

KatieMarie27 |

Q&A: How to stay organized as a new mom?

same here, Im also on the process of adjustment, Being a new mom is hard at first but organizing your stuff will be easier if you'll use items like really useful boxes 35 litre for storing your baby's item. Its quite challenging but I enjoy organizing all my baby's stuff.

dhenz88 |

Q&A: How to stay organized as a new mom?

I've found that a drawing notebook (or one with no lines) in an easy to carry 5x7 size. That way, whatever lists and assorted thoughts come to mind, I can place them anywhere on the page. I also have broken up the household cleaning chores so that it only takes roughly 20 minutes a day (my house is only 1800 sq ft) plus the everyday stuff is also written down (pick-up house, dishes, make bed, and catbox). I keep a separate college-lined notebook for the weekly meal plans. As someone mentioned before, doing this saves time, money, and hassle. Don't forget it's ok to walk away and breathe for a few moments.

Rubychic713 |

Q&A: How to stay organized as a new mom?

Before baby I was somebody that came home from work and immediately started cleaning up from the morning, I made my bed, started a load of laundry, started dinner and while it was cooking I would run the vacuum and empty trash! Now.. I rather spend that time with my lovey, but if I do not do it, I somehow cannot clear the clutter in my own head.. so I make myself a list of which room to organize by day. So Monday I know that when I come home, I nurse him.. put him in his front pack and we tackle the bathroom! Tuesdays, same thing but we tackle a different room!

rmurphy24 |