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Q&A: Good books for new dads?

My baby is due soon, and somehow my husband seems more stressed than me! Any book recommendations for him?

Re: My baby is due soon, and somehow my husband seems more stressed than me! Any book recommendations for him?

The Bump Expert

Yes! The four below are our favorites...

The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers
by Scott Mactavish
A personal favorite of our Online Director Bump Kate, this funny and straightforward guide covers all the basics. Scott(who's been through it twice!) keeps things light, and knows how to take the edge of first-time fatherhood.
> Get it now! $12.99

Don't Just Stand There: How to Be Helpful, Clued-In, Supportive, Engaged & Relevant in the Delivery Room
by Jon Lichtenstein and Elissa Stein
This step-by-step guide through the big day is written by a husband and wife who've been through it together -- twice. You'll find info on what's happening with her and the baby during every stage of delivery, as well as tips for keeping her (and yourself!) calm.
> Get it now! $12.95

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads
by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden
Perfect for a guy, this guide is funny, solution-oriented, and -- just like the title says -- totally practical. It substitutes funny illustrations for all the superfluous info found in so many other book. And, it's been looked over by AAP members for accuracy.
> Get it now! $14

Keeping the Baby Alive till Your Wife Gets Home
by Walter Roark
Take a break from those high-pressure, info-heavy guides with this hilarious read. This satire will help you put things in perspective, and offers some simple and practical advice along the way.
> Get it now! $14.50

> What's your guy's favorite book? Leave it in a comment!

Paula Kashtan

Crawling: a Father's First Year

This has been my husband's favorite book so far... :)From Publishers WeeklyIn spite of all the fine children's books he'd written and illustrated (Magic Thinks Big; Dance!), Cooper always knew, deep down, that he didn't really like children "in person." Parents were worse. Parents were people who used to have interesting lives, but now spent their waking hours discussing how tired they were. Adults without children dined in marvelously relaxing restaurants; parents ate in horribly plastic places featuring "mac and cheese." The very act of becoming a parent—that "miracle" of his wife giving birth to Zoë—was frightening; as he said, "I'd call 911 but we're already in a hospital." In loosely chronological essays, Cooper describes his experiences taking Zoë to the local cafe, to playgrounds, to the petting farm or to "baby night" at the movies. Before long, he started to relax. He learned to give her diaper a surreptitious sniff and not make a big deal of it. Rather than complain about Zoë's outfits, he learned just to change them after his wife left for work. While he always found something new to worry about, he also realized it didn't matter, since he was so totally besotted with this dear child. With a delicious sense of humor and remarkably graceful phrasing, Cooper's journal is a gift to all new parents—especially the guys. (Sept.)

LisaThakker |

re: Q: Best Books for Dad?

My hubby isn't a big reader. He usually gets half way through an article in a magazine and gets bored. He LOVES "The Caveman's Guide to Expecting" Not only is it in "man terms" but it also covers everything. He's now telling me healthy recipe's we should try, idea's for the nursery, what pain relievers and labor options we should think about and is asking the doc more questions than me. It's really gotten him involved in the pregnancy.

Tash13 |

Pregnancy Sucks for men

My husband LOVES this book- and I've read some of it, too- it's hilarious, and really helps guys feel like a part of the pregnancy. It's easy to read, and there's one chapter for each month. My husband has been keeping up with my pregnancy this way- it's been great!

uoflnicole03 |

re: Q: Best books for Dad?

The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion. My husband read this cover-to-cover in just two days after we found out we were pregnant. It's funny but still very helpful for dads-to-be with lots of questions.

chandrab |

re: Q: Best books for Dad?

My Boys Can Swim - my husband doesn't like to read in depth books either but cracked up reading this one. It's not informative regarding babies, but it definitely gives him a guide to dealing with us pregnantzillas.

caroly713 |

re: Q: Best books for Dad?

My husband has been reading the book 'Dad's Pregnant Too!' & I've read a few things from it occasionally- it's got good advice (from multiple people, not just the author) as well as an online site/forum to check out & it has a bit of humor so you don't get bored. So far we've really enjoyed it the most out of the dad books we've been reading!

purdybooshka |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

The best one is called The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year, by Armin A. Brott. It takes a month-by-month look at not only the baby's development, but what is happening with Mom too, so Dad knows how to deal with (I mean, help) both her and baby. My husband can't keep out of it and loves to quote what he learned when he sees an opportunity to apply it with our 2 month old!

jslaga |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

When my wife was expecting, we both received a lot of books on parenting. I even read one of the books and I didn't feel like I could relate to anything there. I mean, there were only good things, exaggerated things that I'd probably do without even thinking about them. I haven't found answers to my questions so I contacted a printing company and asked them if they'd be willing to publish a book on parenting. They said they already have many such books out there in the libraries and that all of them say the same thing. So now I'm trying to find new things to write about parenting and publish my own guide for new dads.

girones |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

Days after I found out I was pregnant, I was scoping out books in the bookstore for my not-so-understanding SO. A mother (with daughter in tow) volunteering "Pregnancy Sucks for Men". She said it was a perfect mix of humor men can appreciate yet the facts that will help us through pregnancy. I just got the sample on my Kindle and love it. There's a new version coming out 9/18 and I'll be sure to get a copy for my dear! Hoping it makes a difference because being a single parent doesn't appeal to me ;)

MommaTracey |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

It is very difficult to find non- sexist pregnancy books for men. The Expectant Father is a good one, if the titles and content of some of the above are as offensive to you and your husband as they were to me and mine.

electricpredicate |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

I think you should go on Phonics Worksheets and maybe some of those books which teaches them how to bond with the little child although I don't think it will be a problem.

marcydaoubt |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

"My Boys Can Swim" My husband loved it and wouldn't put it down!

Risher24 |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

"The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin. Honestly I can't believe this isn't on the list! It's a non-sexist practical guide to childbirth designed to help dad's, birth partners and doulas learn how to fill the role of birth partner & how to best assist the mother. Penny's other book is amazing too "Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn"

geoffamber |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

I echo "The Birth Partner" I read this in preparation to be a second labor partner for my sister. It is packed with information and made me feel very confident going into the delivery room. I knew what was going on when the nurse told us it was a mechoniam birth and that in itself means every birth partner should read it.

Salex19 |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

Perhaps he'll feel better if he felt confident that he'd be able to bond well with the newborn. I recently published a sweet picture book called "Your Daddy Loves You" that will help him express his love for your baby from day one thru elementary school. It is available on or I can send you one. Email me at

URDaddyLuvsU |

Q&A: Good books for new dads?

Check out 'The Complete Guide to Pregnancy For Men' well worth a read!

mum12sa |