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Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Now that I'm taking care of baby, there's absolutely NO time for my hair. Any suggestions to make this mess look a little more decent?

Re: Now that I'm taking care of baby, there's absolutely NO time for my hair. Any suggestions to make this mess look a little more decent?

The Bump Expert

With a newborn baby on your hands, it's no surprise that your 'do is suffering. Check out these quick, easy ways to get your hair under control.

If your hair's long...

Straight quick fix: For a sleek, chic (and fast!) ponytail that doesn't look like you just left the gym, blow your locks dry and then use a straightening iron on only the top layer of your 'do. Secure with a hair band at the nape of your neck, wrapping a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail to cover the band. Finish with a silicone-based gloss cream.

Curly quick fix: For a natural look, just spray on a frizz-taming product, scrunch and go. For a more polished appearance, give mostly-dry hair three to five minutes of blow dryer heat, then spritz on a light hairspray and wrap big chunks of your mane around a few large Velcro rollers. You can leave the rollers in for 20 to 30 minutes while you make up the bed, breastfeed or catch up on the laundry -- then pull them out to reveal a head full of easy, elegant waves.

If your hair's mid-length...

Straight quick fix: The biggest challenge of a bob is the one-side-matted-to-your-head morning hair. Tame things down with a few simple squirts of water an a thin coat of gel. If your locks are thin, use a bit of volumizing spray and a large round brush when blowing dry.

Curly quick fix: A cut with light layers will help liven up your waves so that they form a loose, modern frame for your face (and don't poof into a frumpy triangle). After showering, work a dab of mousse into the upper layers and blow dry with a diffuser, shaping a few curls with your fingers to add definition. Finish with a drop of shine serum.

If your hair's short...

Straight quick fix: If your hair's stick straight, go for a short cut that leaves longer layers on top. Smooth on a touch of shine serum and use a blow dryer to tousle your locks to one side for an easygoing appearance. For a more formal look, shape with a comb and use a straightening iron on to give a sleek finish.

Curly quick fix: The volume of wavy or curly hair works great for a messy pixie. (Just beware that infrequent cuts can lead to an unwanted afro.) Use a little mousse or a touch of pomade to shape up your super short locks, and you're good to go.

Check out these looks on your favorite celeb mamas here.

Erin Walters

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Well what I find is easy and looks great for people with shoulder lenght hair or longer is wet our hair a bit curl it around your finger and maybe put somegel in and you have great curls that you can put in a chic pony tail or just wear it down. And you can never go wrong with a french braid and they really keep the hair out of your eyes.

Alex2097 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I have natural curls and I find it easiest to just put some moderate hold gel or mousse into my hair, scrunch, diffuse until just damp, pull it back halfsies with a clip or hair tie and go. Of course, I've been doing this for years because it just works. I wouldn't (and don't) bother with the curlers.

simonsmom05 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I just cut mine off. The day my daughter started grabbing my bangs when I leaned over her I brought her to Grandma's and got my hair cut. I chopped off about a foot and half of hair into a pixie cut. There is nothing better. It stays out of your face, out of baby's hands, and it is easier to deal with post-pregnancy hair loss with short hair.

burgle |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Ponytail! A spritz of water to tame flyaways and wear it higher up to look sleek and polished in minutes!

melanie926 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

As a hair stylist I'm going to ask all moms PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF ALL OF YOUR HAIR ON A WHIM! You may be having a hormonal/emotional day and regret it tomorrow. If you're thinking about it, give it a week and think some more! If you still want to cut it off go to your stylist and ask for opinions on what will work for your hair type, face shape, and amount of time/maintenance you want to put into your new look. Don't just pick a style out of a magazine cause 9 times out of 10, it won't work for you!

hockeybride113 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Look here...... my honest opinion would be for you to buy a got damn hair brush pull dat shit up and go. you ain't got time to be worried about no hair you got a baby now. Learn to be flexable.

LadiiSupreme |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

a pony-tail about to the crown of your head. loose hair but with tight band...and then 2 headbands...the full circle kind. u can have bangs or not, and its sleek and cute...u look put together with very low maintenence hair!

yellowskittle |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

LadiSupreme should be edited out of this column. The language she used is so offensive that her hair style is the least of her problems. I hope her child has a better influence in their life than someone who uses the Lords name in vain and speaks the words she types.

dashydoo |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Im surprised no one has mentioned this style for us long-haired gals: get a soft bistled brush and backcomb the majority of your hair (it takes like 5 seconds) and then mush the bundle against your head and bobby pin until all the pieces stay put. Its super easy, takes no time at all, and usually ends up looking like you spent hours on it!!

Toothpaste4Cat |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

braids, messy buns, low braided pigtails, ponytails, headband, with practice a french twist can be simple, buns, etc

aubrieparker |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

i found a low ponytail off to the side has worked for me. My bangs have grown out a bit and I can either use a head band or twist my bangs on one side and secure with bobby pins. I love this look and is super cute ! May I point out though that the idea of blow drying and then flat ironing your hair as a new mother is out of the question- I barely have time to comb my hair ( most days I dont!) I think that they should have focused on easy and QUICK !

Hillaryjo |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I totally agree with Hillaryio -- The advice in this column is crazy! Even just being pregnant in my third trimester, I don't blow dry my hair (unless it's really cold out) or do any special styling, and I would never normally go to the trouble of hiding my hairband with hair unless it was a super-formal event. Ridiculous! I appreciate reader's advice much more than the silly and impractical advice that this Bump article features. For me, as soon as I got pregnant, I cut more of my hair into bangs, and let my medium-length hair grow longer, so mostly I just wear pony tails, put part of my hair up in a barrette at the back of my head, or wear it down, since I have a good stylist who gives my hair a good shape even if i do nothing to it. Super easy and fast seems best for new moms -- a flat iron? Get real.

Emmaleedog |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Here, here! I laughed out loud at the prospect of not only actually blow-drying my hair, but also straight ironing?? Sha right! I like the side sleek pony.

meaghanmc |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I chopped my hair off when I was about 6 months pregnant. It was so crazy hot outside that I've never been happier with a haircut. Now, baby is almost 4 weeks old, and I'm back in school. My hair is still pretty short, but I mostly just make sure it's not sticking up like a kid who fell asleep on the school bus. When I feel like trying something more "put together" I get out the bedhead goop & my straight iron (mostly to tame the edges). For the most part though, I'm a wash & wear, jeans & tee kind of girl.

thcitynengland87 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

With first one I had mid length hair I would put it up in a messy bun most of the time or I'd toss it up high on my head in a pony tail, I was also a full time (14 hour days >.<) waitress, and between having a kiddo, and working I just didn't have time to mess with it, got tired of not being able to do anything with it so I pixie'd it. Worked wonders, a simple style that you can do a few things with in a matter of seconds with some pomade and your fingers on the go. This time around, I was trying to let my hair grow out, It got about shoulder length but during the pregnancy I was very very sick and got tired of puking in my own hair several times a day... so I pixie'd it again. Here I am needing a clean up though so I'm just tossing a pink and silver beanie over it and go.

sarisa82 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?



Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I completely understand! I'd always had long hair, but for the last couple of years, I'd gone for a short bob. As soon as I got pregnant, I started to grow it out again. Yes, the short cut is cute and LOOKS like it'd be easy to maintain, but it takes much more work than long hair. I would have to wash it each morning to avoid having chunks sticking up everywhere! The good thing about long hair? I can wash and dry it at night, and it doesn't take anything more than a quick brush in the morning.

eshill |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

i agree w/eshill! in my 2nd trimester (now in my 3rd) i cut my hair into a stacked bob thinking it would be cute and easy. wrong! it's cute if you're constantly checking to make sure the back of your head is still well-teased, and also if your hair is straight, unlike mine, which needs to be flat-ironed to make the hairstyle really look nice (my hair is very wavy and thick). when i had long hair, i used to just hot-roller it--it took 30mins from the time you plug up the rollers to the time you take them out of your hair and finger-comb and spritz a little spray into the curls. what was better was that the next day, i woke up w/loose curls from the day before, so no need to do anything at all! or even better than that--during the summer, i'd just put in some anti-friz serum and let it air-dry so i just looked like i had beach hair. needless to say, the stacked bob was cute, but i'm definitely growing my hair back out for when baby comes!

amn0809 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Get bangs! I just take a couple minutes to blow-dry them before work and pull the rest back into a pony or bun. It makes it look like you actually did your hair because the bangs look sleek.

kwbd |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I had long hair with my first and am now growing it out again for the 2nd. I loved being able to just pull it back in a pony or even do a little bun of I had an extra minute. Claw clips work great if you pull everything into a twist at the nape of your neck, hold the hair up and put the claw about midway. Then the rest of your hair hangs over the claw. If you've got fly-aways, use a little gel of leave in conditioner to tame them. Looks cute, adds a little volume and is super fast!

jenjoz |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Question isn't about a style but my baby is now 3 months old and the last few weeks my hair has been falling out like crazy! I do straighten it and it is thick and short. Is there a vitamin she is taking in breastfeeding that I need to be supplementing again? I am still on my prenatals.

mj1115 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I keep my VERY curly hair shoulder length, with long layers. The layers keep me from getting the "poodle" look when it air dries. It's super easy to style. I just wash it, towel dry, and add hair gel. This can even be done before bed, then let it dry while you sleep. Then I let it air dry the rest of the way. I get tame curls without much effort. Plus, its just long enough to put in a pony tail if I haven't washed it in a day (or two...)

hrhodes646 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I'm avoiding the stereotypical "MOM" haircut. I'm having a baby not loosing my sense of style. I can style my hair in easier styles if need be. Don't chop it off.

cbesecker |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

for those of you who say it is impossible to blow dry or non the less use a flat iron on your hair after a baby arrives, are just plain lazy. i work, am pregnant, run a household and take care of a three year old.. and still have time to do my hair if need be. nobody is saying take three hours to do your hair.. but looking nice makes you feel nice sometimes. now yes i am so tired taht all i want to do is sleep and doing my hair is last on my list .. but heading to work, i do my hair takes me ten mins. heat up my iron while im in the shower.. get out get dressed .. blow dry and quickly straighten. it may not be perfect.. but still makes me feel good. cute hair clips.. some hairspray.. never hurt anyone, and definitely doesnt make you a bad mom to take ten mins out of your day to make yourself feel pretty. ha you all make me giggle.

tracycerra |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

The addition of a baby to the morning routine often kicks out the time for doing one's hair. It's not laziness, it's a baby-first mindset. I've got a 2 (almost 3) year old, and another on the way...until a few months ago I was working full time and taking care of the house stuff and the kiddo (my hubby watched him while I was working). It's not easy to find the time to style your hair like you used to. 10 minutes is doable for a new mom, sure, but most people (myself included) can't get their hair straightened in 10 minutes. My long, thick, somewhat wavy hair takes at least half an hour to straighten, not to mention blow drying time. I'm pretty sure the idea of this article was to give new moms the ideas needed to remind them that you can still take a few minutes to have a "put together" look even after baby comes. For me, it's going to include getting a couple inches taken off so that I have less hair to work with when trying to get it up for actually leaving the house (since when I'm staying at home, my 2 year old tells me my hair "looks beautiful" even when I'm a mess!!) ...I agree with the hairstylist's advice above: don't chop it all off! You've worked hard to get your hair looking like you want it to, find an easy way to get it out of the way, but don't get rid of it!

LadyW2010 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

You should have a hairstyle that fits your own lifestyle. If that is long, short, whatever, that's a personal choice. Just because you fix your hair doesn't mean you're not putting your baby first. I think all the bump means is that choose a style that you're going to have time to keep up with so you don't feel like a horrible, frumpy mess. Self confidence is important in any woman, including new moms. I hope everyone finds a hairstyle that they can feel good about.

preggarstasha |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

First let me say to tracycerra- I envy you that you can dry and straighten your hair in 10 minutes! My hair is just past my shoulders and is so thick it takes me 20-25 minutes just to dry it. Then straightening takes another 10-15 and by the time I'm done I'm soaked with sweat and the roots are all wet from the hormones and the heat is unbearable!. My baby is 7 weeks old now and finding the energy when he finally sleeps to shower every day is hard enough and usually ends up being put off until my husband gets home to take him. I have been through lots of ponytails the last months of pregnancy and since. I do a side part and let it air dry 10 minutes (this prevents the glued to your head look) before brushing and pulling the still damp hair into a low ponytail or bun at the nap of my neck. With my bangs it looks fine. If it's looking bad, a little bit of anti frizz spray and a brush through and the tie goes back in and it looks great again. Also I towel dry hair and spray with anti frizz spray, then brush back and put in a headband (cute, basic black Goody one) pulling the bangs back with the rest of the hair. Every 10-15 minutes I pull it out and brush through then put it back in until it's dry. It gives it a slight wave at the ends and looks soft and relaxed. Super easy to fix during the day- just spray (if needed), brush through, and put the headband back in- about 20 seconds. Both are super easy and look good without much effort.

cindygill |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

the spin pin is the best hair accessory ever invented, and now they are available in minis! i have long hair and these are great for putting it in a bun and just generally getting it out of my face!

lexib6224 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

had (still have...sort of) a pixie before i'm growing it out, because i actually don't have time to keep going back and getting it cut short (my hair grows terribly fast and is very thick)! i look ridiculous right now, but baby hasn't complained about it :-)

timluvr1984 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

geesh, I am sick 9 months this is my 3rd with the first it was a bob which was ok but sometimes bed head and also hair loss, the second just did pony tail or baseball cap I was vomiting for 9 months no time to do anything when you are so ill. to the gal that had all the energy to do it all great for her but this is my 3rd and forget about doing my hair, or working or chores. I am ill 24/7 and my asthma got worse so now am limited in all of it. Just brush your hair neatly use a clip, head band, scrunchie or baseball cap and get the hair up out of your face. Also the gals that wrote about the hormones and not being happy with a change after you got a pixie or a bob are right you may hate it and then are still crying over hair. just relax and do the easy thing for now. Enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can and the new born to follow good luck

goldilocksnbears |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I have long hair and I refuse to cut it into the mommy do or bob. I do t want to give up on how I look just cause I have a baby. A friend told me about the sock bun so I googled it and after a couple of tries I realized it is so easy to do. I wear it all day and it looks like I put time into styling it. When I take it out I am left with salon looking beautiful curls.

lam9775me |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I have no time. The spare time I do have I use to quickly make dinner or clean the house. I usually end up leaving my hair down as much as possible. But I have wavy hair so if I'm moving around a lot I put it into a messy bun sometimes with a headband.

dino24saur |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

A great do for long hair that looks tricky but is really very simple is the Heidi Braid. Two school girl braids pinned at the crown with bobby pins always looks good. This gets your hair out of your way and looks good for every occasion. At home, shopping, or working, people will think you have it together if you are walking around with such a complicated looking hairstyle.

mrkask |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Depending on your length a top-knot is very put together but yet takes no time at all. Also just look into no-heat hair styles

jnjmommy0609 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I got dreads about three years ago, and besides taking a couple of hours once a month to tighten them up I don't have to spend ANY time maintaining them! I am a little worried about pulling though; they're shoulder length and definitely in reach of a baby. They're JUST long enough to pull back into short ponytails though, so maybe I'll be alright! :)

kbshummingbird |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

I really find it interesting that this column is supposed to be about fast and easy but almost all of the ideas mention hair drying and flat ironing. I was hoping more for pictures of different cuts that you could print out and take to your stylist to see what they think would look good. I agree with the hair stylist...don't cut your hair on a whim. Schedule an appointment about 2-3 weeks in advance and have some basic ideas of what you are looking for and then talk to your stylist and get their opinion.

maggs3696 |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

Im just cutting my long hair so it will be easier to manage. Also because after giving birth hair falls and i dont want to notice it as much.

livilusu |


For medium to longer hair look up no heat curls on YouTube! Its super easy and fast, you can do this and be feeding baby while it dries or putting on makeup while your hair is doing all the work!

tishtrost |


i am a mother to a 3 yr old an a now 1 month old baby and absolutly refuse to cut my hair which is up to my lower ack and nice and thick i love itong and so does my bf. but im sick of only doing one thng with it a ponytail its the onlything i have time for now other then blowdry and leave stfaight down but between things around the house and breastfeeding i still want a style that is new (with out cutting) and lets me look good for my man an myself ideas anyone plz lol

sparklingeyes |

Q&A: Easy hair styles for new moms?

French braids after a shower. Put some spray in them and they are still good in the am

carla42391 |