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Q&A: Best kegel exercises?

I know that Kegel exercises are important after I give birth, but how exactly should I do them?

Re: I know that Kegel exercises are important after I give birth, but how exactly should I do them?

The Bump Expert

Kegel exercises are important because they strengthen or maintain pelvic muscles, and can help avoid incontinence issues. The best way to do Kegels is to imagine your pelvic floor is an elevator. Contract your pelvic floor muscles a little to the first “floor,” then a little more to the second “floor,” and so on to the fourth floor. Hold for a few seconds, then release one floor at a time. This method isolates the pelvic floor muscles and demands controlled contraction and release.

Wondering if you’re isolating the right muscles? Try the pee test. If your flow of urine stops when the muscles are contracted you’ve got the right ones. Don’t make it a habit to practice during urination, though. Instead, find time during the day when you’re washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or doing other routine activities. Another (fun for DH!) way to tell if you’re isolating and strengthening the right muscles -- ask your partner during sex.  Squeeze those muscles when your partner is inside you and they should notice the difference.

Maria Kammerer

Q&A: Best kegel exercises?

I actually went to a pelvis-floor physical therapist as per my ob's reco. Here are the exercises I got: -flicks: Quickly squeeze and release. Start with 10, increase weekly -Hold for 5 seconds, rest for 5. Increase duration. -Demi pliet -- Small squats, as you go up, squeeze, start with 10 -Stairs -- Squeeze the pelvic floor while climbing stairs. -Lunges -- Squeeze as you go up -flicks -- finish with 10 I have to say progress is slow but my pelvic floor muscles were just stretched to no end after 22 hour labor. I even have trouble with some pea leakage so you can imagine.

anence |

Q&A: Best kegel exercises?

Thanks for all of the ideas and suggestions. I have learned the hard way that I should've been doing them from the moment i found out I was prego. I am a runner and was planning on doing my 3rd half marathon in october (i had my DD april 27th). I was so excited to get back into the running. UNTIL, i tried to run. I felt great but peed everywhere uncontrollably. I even tried a maxi pad. It's like I have NO bladder control at all. So, I am having to stop running and force myself to remember to do the kegels!

tedandgayle |

Q&A: Best kegel exercises?

I went to see a physical therapist and she gave me great advice and follow up, it really put my mind at ease and she gave me a very well written follow up kegel routine, but I've found I like the tab-it video for when it comes to keeping me on track, it's very attentive of your posture too so great for training yourself to come out of this upright too, a nice perk needed when breastfeeding I reckon. See a PT for the benefits of a thorough check up (the OBs/Midwifes aren't the best option here I feel) and use the DVD to get yourself well. You can do it and we're lucky we have the knowledge to help ourselves through prolapse now, unlike so many women before us.

clanoinc |

Q&A: Best kegel exercises?

FYI, the video mentioned above is "hab-it" not "tab-it." I'm a physical therapist myself and had some bladder prolapse after my 1st was born and this program was recommended by a PT friend who specializes in women's health. Doing the DVD workouts made a huge difference--I could finally run a bit without feeling like my bladder was going to fall out! Now, 3 years later, the prolapse has returned following the birth of DD. I just restarted the program at 10 weeks post-delivery (finally was able to find the time!) and can already feel a difference after 1 week. Highly recommend if you have issues with incontinence and/or prolapse!

Momxtwo |