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Having a 2012 Baby?

According to astrology experts, the year your baby is born can be a good predictor of the traits she’ll have. Here’s what to expect.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

Ambitious and Passionate
2012 falls within the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons are known as one of the most powerful signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Dragon babies are determined and enthusiastic. They know what they want and will work hard and take risks to get it. But there’s a downside to too much energy and ambition: Dragon signs can be left feeling unfulfilled. That means you might need to engage baby more. Prepare to be running around the house chasing after your baby once he starts walking, but make sure he takes regular naps.

Stuff to watch out for:

Big Ego
All that charisma and ambition can lead to an ego problem. Remember to keep baby in check every now and then.

Fiery Temper
Hey, baby’s a dragon sign after all! With all that energy, there are bound to be tantrums. Stay strong, mama.

Lonely? Craving Solitude
Apparently, dragon signs attract a lot of friends, but they actually prefer to be alone. It’s not really a bad thing -- they work better when they’re alone.

Your baby is going to be a charmer! You already know she’ll be the center of attention at family gatherings, but expect her to be Miss Popularity everywhere you go!

Of course, since baby’s charismatic and ambitious, he’ll also be a natural-born leader. He’ll be able to come up with creative ideas and get people to work as a team. President of his school’s student council to President of the United States? It could happen!

Lucky in Love
This could be good and bad: On one hand, your baby will have plenty of admirers; on the other hand, well, she’ll have lots of admirers.

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-- Sarah Yang

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