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13 Signs You’re Ready for Another Baby

Thinking about trying for baby number two, but aren’t sure it’s the right time? Bumpies share how they knew.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

“I knew I was ready for baby number two when my husband finally agreed!” -- Rachelle M.

“When I started packing away my one-year-old’s infant clothes.” -- Jenna S.

“When my first kid is diaper-free, we’ll try again.” -- BC

“I knew it was time when I started sleeping through the night again -- just kidding! It was actually when my daughter got to an independent stage and I knew she could help us.” -- Rebecca N.

“We just bought a house with three bedrooms and won’t be living with my parents anymore -- so we’re ready!” -- Amery C.

“My ovaries started aching for another one!” -- Nikki H.

“My first child outgrew the baby tub last week, and I’m ready for another one now.” -- Nadia K.

“I was ready for baby number two when I found myself watching A Baby Story every day.” -- Christine C.

“I realized I had far too much free time after our first child turned three.” -- Kayla J.

“My son came home from kindergarten crying one day because he didn’t have a little brother or sister to take to show-and-tell like all the other kids -- talk about pressure!” -- Kristi D.

“My two-year-old son tries to help with other babies (like my niece and other friends’ newborns), so I guess it’s time.” -- Kelsey C.

“I knew we should start thinking about it when my daughter put down ‘baby brother or sister’ on every birthday or Christmas wish list.” -- Anke B.

“I realized I wanted another one when all I could think about were babies!” -- Chasity P.

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