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New Years Baby

New-Mom Resolutions

It’s time for some New Year’s resolutions. So what’s it going to be for 2014 -- and are you going to stick to it? Here, Bumpies share what they promise to do in the new year. Tell us your resolutions in the comments!

Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

"I'm going to get out and socialize with friends and my husband more. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so my focus has been on my baby for the past year almost exclusively. We've never left him overnight and really only four times with family." -- caseycritchley*

"I want to attend music classes with my son, and do my best to keep my little man healthy and happy and get him walking and talking!" -- buzzbee24

"I resolve to lose the last 15 pregnancy pounds, learn healthy recipes for my daughter, maximize my free time to enjoy with my daughter and organize her pictures." -- leah2b

"I want to stop getting upset by things that don't matter." -- kalette

"I'm going to lose the baby weight and start exercising again to get healthy before we start trying to conceive baby number two!" -- tiffanybird

"When my son first started eating solids, I was too scared to make my own food because I was nervous I'd do it wrong. This year, I'm really going to try. I know I can do it." -- Hannah

"I'm going to stop letting other moms dictate how I feel about myself as a mom." -- LeslieB

"We're going to schedule a baby-free date night every other week. More time for mom and dad!" -- laineyrose93

"I want more time with my girlfriends. We're all moms now and we rarely get to spend any time together. I miss them." -- autumnj23

"Tackle my DIY home decor list! I've got so many projects." -- wrennieC

"Take a cooking class with my husband so I feel confident in my cooking skills. Pretty soon baby is going to be eating solids and I want to make her the best possible food." -- laurajean7

"Stop reading gossip magazines. I want to set a good example for my daughter and I really don't need that lying around the house." -- mamaoftwo2

"More family nights!" -- colemansmama

"Reconnect with my in-laws. Now that baby's here I want them to be a bigger part of our lives. I want my twins to have special relationships with both sets of grandparents. And I want to be closer with my husband's parents." -- rachelyvette

"Eat together as a family." -- rebdebjoe

"Get moving! And use that jogging stroller I had to have (but that's still in the box!)." -- therudys33

"Be more proactive about my health. I want to be here for a long time -- and that starts with taking care of my body." -- JayjayDee

"I have an unlimited vacation policy at work and I'm going to start taking advantage of that. More family trips, more day trips, more time for things that I really enjoy but always feel guilty taking off for." -- natalieg

"Stop being such a pushover!" -- jessicad

"I want to keep breastfeeding until September." -- Kadyra

"I'm trying to keep myself focused on keeping my career going part-time, while staying home with my baby most of the time. My long-term goal is to start an in-home preschool when she's about three. I also work in a spa on the weekends, and I would like to stay busy there and keep up with continuing education." -- ljanette85

"To stop cursing. I need to clean up my mouth (and my husband's!) before my baby's first word is f*ck!" -- singingirl96

"To work on my marriage -- I want to get back to where we were before all the craziness of having a horrible pregnancy, and having an active eight-year-old and newborn." -- Mel5983

“I’m going to keep the house neater and go to the gym at least four times a week.” -- anna&matt

“I promise to find my sometimes-MIA libido!” -- poeia

“I usually don’t make resolutions, but I really need to cut back on Diet Coke. I’m such an addict!” -- trizzie

“Actually use the gym membership that I pay for, blog at least once a week and get my hubby to see the benefits of eating things other than chicken nuggets!” -- kbrook

“I’m going to stop beating myself up when I feel like I’m not perfect.” -- bridgetmc

“I’m no longer going to go out of my way trying to make friendships work if I’m the only one making the effort.” -- theuptown_girl

“To pick 10 cookbooks and cook three new recipes from each.” -- ally

“Cut back on our spending by not eating out so much and save more money!” -- s&j306

“Be more patient with my hubby and keep in better contact with family and friends.” -- buboo

“I want to make our house more of a ‘home’ by doing some landscaping, painting and putting more work into decorating our sons’ rooms. I also have a goal of nursing this baby longer than my first son.” -- kallieandjustin

“I’m going to do something active every day, even if it’s walking for 10 minutes right after work.” -- northamarack

“Mine is to get my daughter potty-trained! She really should be by now, but she just seems uninterested -- ha!” -- eviebee

“I’m going to work on creating and sharing photo albums, as well as doing a 365-photo project. I also want to take two fitness classes a month -- yoga, dance. And no McDonald’s the entire year!” -- yogisunam

*Some names have been changed.

Updated December 19, 2013.

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