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10-Minute Workouts While Baby Naps

Can’t manage to “nap while the baby naps”? Tone up with one of these easy, equipment-free workouts.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

We asked three fitness experts to recommend three workouts you can fit in while baby’s snoozin’ in the afternoon or kicking away in her bouncy seat. Each mini routine is a series of three simple moves that shape up your entire body, especially the core and back muscles you need to strengthen for toting baby around.

If you only have 10 minutes, do just a set or two of each exercise and then gradually add sets until you’ve worked up to a 20- or 30-minute workout.
Before you move, get into the groove:

• Check with your doctor or midwife first before starting to exercise postpartum. Most will recommend that you wait until six weeks after giving birth. If you had a c-section or a difficult delivery, they may recommend you wait a little longer.

• Your doctor will also tell you to warm up before you start to exercise. But because the clock is ticking when baby is sleeping, get your heart rate up in a practical way by cleaning the house for five or 10 minutes first, suggests Andrea Metcalf, certified trainer and author of Naked Fitness.

Check out the three 10-minute workouts now!

-- Meagan Francis


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