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Baby’s transition into his or her new life (meaning, from fetus to person) is pretty simple: eat, sleep, cry, and act incredibly adorable. Yours, on the other hand, is a little (or a lot) more complicated. With a new baby around, there’s roughly ten hundred million new things for you and your partner to think about. Luckily, we have them all covered here in our comprehensive guide to your life after baby. First, there’s your recovery from pregnancy and delivery and dealing with some of the baby keepsakes you’re not so excited about...say, your body after baby. Losing the baby weight doesn’t happen overnight (it took you nine months to gain it all) but we can help you learn to love your post-baby body. Okay, and we have a few ideas about fun and non-excruciating techniques for losing baby weight. (Yes, they do exist.) Then, there’s sex after baby to think about... perhaps your partner is thinking about it a little sooner than you? We’ll help you deal with that not so unique situation. You and your partner’s relationship may take a hit with a new baby around, but even if things aren’t getting rocky, there’s still a lot of logistical stuff to deal with, from whose turn it is to get up during the night to figuring out how to parent as a team. And anything that’s not covered in our guide? Talk it over on our message boards with your fellow Bumpies and get all the advice and feedback you need.

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your life

Get advice on how to transition into your new role as a parent in your ultimate baby calendar. Learn ways you can reduce stress and stay calm, why you should (and can) keep in touch with friends, and how to parent as a team. Plus, get tips for going back to work after your maternity leave.