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Bottle Feeding Twins?

How do you tell the twins’ bottles apart?


How do you tell the twins’ bottles apart?

The Bump Expert

Worried about mixing up who’s drinking what and how much during each feeding? Place the bottles in the same position the babies are in (so if Suzy is to the left of Sammy, put the bottle on the left side of the table or counter behind her) when you put the bottle down to burp. You can also try marking the outside of the bottle with an initial or symbol. But don’t worry too much about exchanging cooties at this point -- it’s part of life with newborn multiples and bound to happen at some point. At the end of the day, you can sterilize all the bottles by running them through the dishwasher.

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Bottle Feeding Twins?

Try different colors. Or just don't stress about it. My 11 month-olds swap bottles/cups all the time on their own. It used to freak the grandparents out that I didn't care who originally had which paci, but when they are constantly putting their fingers in each other's mouths it seems pointless to worry about who originally salivated on an object.

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