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Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

Thankfully, our child is usually a good sleeper, but now that she’s teething, her nights are totally thrown off. What should we do?

Re: Thankfully, our child is usually a good sleeper, but now that she’s teething, her nights are totally thrown off. What should we do?

The Bump Expert

We’re asked about sleeping-teething issues from parents a lot, and for good reason. Cutting an entire mouthful of teeth is a long process -- two to three years -- and the experience of teething varies from child to child. Some babies are very sensitive teethers while others pop out tooth after tooth without any evidence of suffering.

It sounds like you have a sensitive teether. Typically, the most painful teething period lasts two to three days. During this time, parents want to make their child more comfortable. During the day, cool teething toys are helpful. For nighttime, we recommend Infant’s Motrin or homeopathic teething tablets. Consult with your pediatrician to discuss what sort of pain reliever they recommend for your child.

If you decide to use a pain reliever, give it about 15 minutes before bedtime. Then, if your daughter wakes up at night and lets you know she’s uncomfortable, you can give her another dose if it’s at least 6 to 8 hours from bedtime. Keep these nighttime visits as quiet and unexciting as possible. And if she’s inconsolable at night, do whatever you need to do to make her feel better. She’s naturally a good sleeper, so assume she’ll fall back into that routine after this intense teething period passes.

This heightened pain should subside in a couple of days. But, as always, trust your instincts. Each child is different and you know your daughter best!

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Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

Or little one is fighting his naps like crazy, but sleeping through the night fine, could this be a side-effect of teething as well?

dreamingforJesus |

Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

Sounds like your little one is too curious and stimulated for those day time naps. We had the same issue. At first we continued to try and force a sleep schedule. But we ended up kind of letting him decide for himself when it was time for a nap. I don't know if that's the recommended thing to do. But we feel like now at 7mos he's learned that when he is. sleepy he should go to sleep. And he still takes two naps a day on his own. And he sleeps well.

nqualls77 |

Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

My 8 mo old son was horrible at sleeping, He had his nights and days completly mixed up! He would sleep on and off during the day - but at night he would want to be up. Since I went back to work my fiance has made sure our son only takes 2 or 3 naps during the day and we make sure that we keep him up and busy until he is really tired, That has been working to where he'll go to bed around 8 or 9 and sleep basically through the night and only up twice for bottles. So far so good! :)

Heavenly5243 |

Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

My baby is crying every night and he sleeps just four hours.I was worried about this and I went to Dentists Tucson center where a doctor told me that my baby is in the teething period and this is why he can't sleep as he has pains.He recomended me to buy some special teething toys in order to calm him.

AidaRoRo |

Q&A: Teething affecting baby's sleep?

Make her chamomile tea. Use her distill water and chamomile with a pinch of sugar and it should do the trick. The chamomile is a perfect agent to make her sleepy as well as an anti-flamatory so it helps with her teething. And you do not have to give much, two ounces before her milk should do the trick. Make sure not to buy the packed tea as though may come with other ingredients just buy plain chamomile.

flordaliza |