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Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

My 11-month-old daughter won't take a nap in her crib, and she never has. She goes to sleep at night just fine but won’t nap in her crib. What can I do?

Re: My 11-month-old daughter won't take a nap in her crib, and she never has. She goes to sleep at night just fine but won’t nap in her crib. What can I do?

The Bump Expert

We hear this complaint from many parents. The simple answer is that getting daytime sleep is a different animal than getting nighttime sleep. This is particularly true if your child is light sensitive or has a hard time winding down and/or making transitions.

At your daughter’s age, she still needs two naps a day (ideally one hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon). After you have her nap schedule ironed out, the trick is communicating, “You can do this! It’s just the same as nighttime.”

Help make this point by doing an abbreviated version of your usual bedtime routine. This could be as simple as changing her diaper, putting her in more comfortable sleeping clothes, and singing the song you sing before bed. Also, we advise parents facing nap challenges to make sure their child’s room is as dark as possible by installing room-darkening curtains. This visual indication that it’s sleep time can really help them settle down quickly.

With these changes, your baby should make the leap to loving daytime crib sleep too. It might take up to two weeks for her to learn, but if you’re consistent and give her a chance, she’ll eventually catch on.

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re: Q: Resistance to crib at naptime?

Thats why DS naps in a pack n play thats located in a different room. He knows thats for naptime, and the crib/nursery is for night time. He still sometimes resists naptime, but at least, I don't confuse him that he thinks its already bedtime.

ylimebride |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

DD wont sleep in her crib either for naptimes...I just make a little bed on the floor (livingroom, bedroom office, where ever is most convenient that day) nurse her and then she goes right to sleep on her little make shift bed! I do try to darken the room we are in too. I dunno why it works...but I'm not complaining!

sexy_monkey |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

I am having this problem too, only it is with my 3 month old. He sleeps great at night, but during the day will not sleep more than 15 or 20 minutes in his crib. However, he will nap perfectly fine in then swing (even if it is not on). He is usually needing one good nap in the morning and one in the afternoon and then he is good. If he is in the swing, he gets this, but he is about to outgrow the swing so I thought I should try to figure something else out now.

ShaunaStarks |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

my son is 5 months and he will not nap in his crib. We tired several times and it has failed. but he will sleep anywhere else during the day. Well that is when he does nap. Some days he only naps a few 20-30 min cat naps and some days he will nap for a good 3 hours in the morning and at night. but he fights sleep as much as he can. At night he will sleep all the way through without even stirring.

saracbear611 |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

Many parents are simply keeping baby up for too long after their morning wake-up. Try putting your little one down 1.5hrs after wake-up so it is more of an extension of the nighttime sleep. Also, giving babies plenty of time out in the daylight helps their biological clock become accustomed to the concept of daytime (light) means awake and nighttime (darkness) means asleep.

mermaid150 |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

try the montessori style floor bed instead of a crib. who wants to take a nap in a cage?

yoshibee |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

I am having the same issue with my 8 week old son. He falls asleep in my arms, and I can lay him in his bed and he sleeps fine at night. In the day, though, he won't sleep in his bed for more than about 15 min. He will sleep in my arms for hours, he will sleep in his swing, and sometimes I can lay him on the couch beside me and he will sleep for a while, but not in his bed. I covered the windows in his room with black plastic today so his room is really dark. I am hoping this will help. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

wannabemommamc |

Q&A: Resistance to crib at naptime?

How do I ask my own question on "You asked" (and not just post a question in the comment section)?

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