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Worst Baby Sleep Advice Ever

You’re so exhausted, you’ll try almost anything to get baby to sleep. But some tips just aren’t worth it. Bumpies share the worst advice they’ve heard for putting baby into bed.

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“My mother-in-law told me, ‘She should be sleeping through the night by a week or two weeks old.’ Um, what?!” -- Jennifer B.

“I was told to keep my baby up during the day by poking her feet when she falls asleep, so she can sleep through the night.” -- Amanda

“I was told that my nine-month-old only needs 15-minute naps.” -- Lindsay S.

“I was told to wake up baby to eat every few hours. I now swear I screwed up his sleep schedule because I was paranoid he wasn’t eating enough.” -- Stephanie H.

“Sleep when baby sleeps. Obviously, it’s true at night and at the beginning, but not when they get older. I never nap when my daughter naps -- I can't get anything done when she’s awake.” -- ClickMama

“‘He’ll sleep if he’s tired enough....’ Not without help, he won’t!” -- Sarah J.

“Someone told me if baby slept at 5 p.m., he wouldn’t sleep at night. He will!” -- Sap

“My mother-in-law keeps advocating that we give my baby rice cereal so that she’ll be ‘more full and happier and go longer between feedings.’ She tells me that, even though I keep reminding her that we’re not starting solids until baby’s six months old.” -- Starbuck

“My friend told me to give my newborn baby honey to make my son sleepy! (Honey is a no-no for babies!)” -- ali_bl-nov05

“My mother-in-law said that I should have a glass of scotch before I nursed so that my son would sleep through the night. (That’s dangerous!)” -- Beanie_mrt

“Give baby water to fill her stomach so she’ll sleep longer -- this was advice from my mother when my baby was a month old. Thanks, but no thanks, Mom.” -- SookieFrackhouse68

“Someone who was over at my house said, ‘He won’t ever learn to sleep because you’re too quiet when he sleeps. You need to make a lot of noise so he’ll learn to sleep through it.’ She said this during naptime, and I asked her to stop shouting because my son was sleeping.” -- SpiderSpray

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