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Bedtime Routines to Help Baby Sleep Better

You've probably heard that developing a bedtime routine will help baby know it's time to settle down, but what exactly should you do? Bumpies shared what nighttime tricks work for them.

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"We sit down and read a bedtime story, and that seems to settle her." -- Cazzrhun

"I nurse in the lying down-position." -- NNYLEIROC

"My college roommate's mom used to gently rub their ears until they fell asleep. To this day, if you rub her ear, she gets sleepy." -- Lolatotalus

"Warm bath, three books (not two, not four, always three!), sing three lullabies (I guess I like the number "3") -- 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' 'Moon, Moon, Moon' and 'You Are My Sunshine.' Then throw in some crucial key mentions of 'sleepytime' with some back pats, and run out of the room as fast as I can!" -- shanguyton

"He takes his bath and then I give him a little massage. Falls asleep in one, two, three!" -- michelleGrico

"I rub his hair or his nose." -- MaureenAlley

"A book, then snuggles. The snuggles are more for me, though -- he's asleep by then!" -- Charleighrae

"Milk, bath, stories and then bed." -- charliebrownvxr

"Book, and a little back rub. By the time I turn on her night-light, she’s out!" -- loveangeles88

"I give her a bath and then turn on a blow-dryer, and she's out in seconds!" -- velasquez_jess

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