Sleep Problems

Feeling a little (or extremely) challenged by getting baby to sleep? You’re not alone. While for some lucky parents newborn sleep is never much of a problem, for others, it’s one of the most difficult parts of early parenthood. The trouble starts right away for some babies, when they get confused between day and night and are unable to distinguish between the two. Our comprehensive guide to baby sleeping will help you out with this problem, along with many others you might be faced with. Sometimes the difficulties pop up later, like when baby begins teething, or starts developing separation anxiety at night, or refuses to sleep in a crib. We’ll also walk you through normal sleep concerns, like scheduling and eventually reducing naptimes, identifying and eliminating sleep inhibitors, the perfect swaddling technique (and when it’s time to stop) and developing a bedtime routine. Then, of course, there’s the sometimes controversial baby sleep training process (also known as the cry it out technique). And perhaps most important of all? Making sure you get enough sleep throughout the entire process. Use our handy printable baby sleep tracker to chart baby naptime and nighttime sleep, so you can start to make sense of baby sleep habits and hopefully find some much needed (and well deserved) time to rest for yourself.

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sleep problems

Feeling challenged by baby's sleep issues? You're not alone. Find out how to deal when baby won’t sleep in his crib or has day and night confusion. Get expert and real-mom tips and advice on establishing a bedtime routine and the best ways to handle naptime troubles.

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