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Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

I noticed more hair than usual on my brush and in the drain. Is that connected to my pregnancy?


I noticed more hair than usual on my brush and in the drain. Is that connected to my pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Don’t freak out, but yes, you might lose some hair -- usually within the first few months after baby’s born.

During pregnancy, your hormone levels are high -- lots of moms-to-be enjoy thicker, shinier hair because of them -- and after delivery, they drop. One side effect of that drastic plummet is hair loss. We’re not talking going bald. More realistically, you might notice some extra hair near your shower drain or in your hairbrush. As it grows back, you may spot some shorter pieces of hair, but believe us, it will grow back. There’s not much you can do about this hair loss, but you can try to prevent some breakage by avoiding tight ponytails and braids and not going too crazy with the hairdryer and other heat-styling appliances.

Okay, that said, there are some very rare cases in which you might lose hair during pregnancy, and while it’s probably no big deal, if it’s severe (like causing bald spots), or it’s not growing back, you’ll definitely want to tell your health care provider. It could be a sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

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Lara Simondi, certified nurse-midwife at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston

Hair loss and pregnancy?

I think this hair loss during pregnancy is not normal, ask your Doctor about it. the best ipad case

darrensy |

Hair loss and pregnancy?

Yes, is true, but many other health problems will appear during your pregnancy. Don't worry, everything will go back to normal after you will give birth. Some common problems are hair loss, gingivitis, urinary infections, swollen feet, headaches and so on. Make sure that you go to doctor every month and everything will be OK. I use Trey White's health services, what about you?

lionking44 |

Hair loss and pregnancy?

When my first son was about 6 months old I started losing hair around my hariline...I was so sad because it felt like I had a receding hairline...but within a couple of months it grew back...I just cut myself some bangs to hide the regrowth and all was well...don't worry too much about it or the stress of worrying will make you lose hair too :)

tani&nela |

Hair loss and pregnancy?

I also heard about hair lossduring pregnancy but as far as I know this has something to do with hormones. I also heard that everything goes back to normal after the baby was born.

deanjohnson |

Hair loss and pregnancy?

I lost quite a bit of hair after my boy was born.... my hairdresser alerted me to bald spots I didn't know I had! But it is growing back (I can tell because is shorter, as indicated in the article), but I'm pregnant again so we'll go through the cycle again - and I'll have 3 lengths of hair lol

chemqueen602 |

Hair loss and pregnancy?

So true! after giving birth (c-section) my beautiful healthy locks were falling down in clumps. Least to say i had a few emotional breakdowns, after brushing my hair and ending up with a fist sized ball of hair. It gets worse as you breastfeed. BUT NO WORRIES! its natural, it happens. No you wont have bald spots, your hair will grow back. Just keep drinking the pre natals, Do your best to heal and enjoy your LO :)

freyjasig |