Postbirth Recovery

Your new little boy or girl has been safely delivered, you’ve settled on the perfect name, you’re ready to head home from the hospital and -- maybe best of all (at the moment, at least) -- you are done with pregnancy. Unfortunately, the physical effects of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery aren’t quite over yet. The good news is, we have a comprehensive guide to post-birth recovery to guide you through the process. We’ll help you through the not-so-comfortable healing process, including issues like postpartum bleeding and the sometimes scary task of going to the bathroom. Along with the healing process comes the natural question of when it’s safe to have sex after birth. The question might come up from your partner before you’re ready to deal with it, and we’ll help you deal with that situation as well. You’ll also need to schedule a postpartum checkup, and we’ll walk you through what to expect at that visit. Many new moms experiences some degree of sadness after baby comes, and we’ll help you distinguish the difference between the normal baby blues and true postpartum depression. If it is, in fact, postpartum depression, we have information about the treatment process and your different options. Whatever you’re going through, though, be sure that it will pass with time -- and your beautiful new baby will still be there, right by your side.

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postbirth recovery

Get the 411 on dealing with post-birth issues like bleeding, the baby blues and healing. Plus, find out when you should have your postpartum appointment and when it will be safe for you to have sex again.

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