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Did you ever in your life think that you might download something called a “poop chart”? Probably not but believe us, it can be useful. If you or your pediatrician has any concerns about whether baby is getting enough milk or if she is gaining enough weight, the surest way to know is to track your breastfeeding (get help with our handy Breastfeeding Chart) and count dirty diapers. Use our poop chart to keep track – unless you rather leave out the stinky diapers for a daily tally. Your newborn should produce eight to 12 diapers wet diapers (urine should be very pale yellow or clear) and five poopy diapers (feces should look soft and yellow) over the course of 24 hours. You can bring along a copy of the poop chart to your pediatrician’s office for newborn visits to help your baby’s doctor diagnose any issues.

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Tool: Input/Output Tracker

We know -- as a new mommy, it’s near impossible to keep track of… well, just about anything. Make one thing a little easier with this input/output chart -- print it out, post it on the fridge, and make a quick note whenever you feed or change a diaper. Done! (Breastfeeding? You should also check out our breastfeeding log.)

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