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We all know breast is best. And when breastfeeding, it is wise to know when your baby last fed, for how long, and what the output was. It’s a wonder that a stressed-out new mama can even remember her name so keeping track of when babe last ate and for long is no small task – enter our breastfeeding chart. Our breastfeeding chart can help you keep track of what time you last breastfed, for how long, and what the output was. This information can be especially useful for new nursing moms that are concerned that their babies may not be getting enough milk. Use our breastfeeding chart to help you get into a feeding routine that’s beneficial to your tot and gives you peace of mind.

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Tool: Breastfeeding Log

Keep track of everything you want to remember about baby's feedings -- from what time it was, to how long she nursed on each side, to what kind of a mood she was in.

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Feeling a little lost at this whole breastfeeding thing? You're not alone. If nobody's warned you yet, we'll let you in on a little secret: It isn't always easy and no, it doesn't always feel so natural. So if it's taking you and baby awhile to get the hang of things, don't sweat it. Here are a few tips that may just do the trick:

Having latching problems? Check your nipples -- are they dry? If baby's in the right position but just can't seem to get a good latch, you may need to moisturize a little bit more. Try a lanolin-based cream in between feedings and see if that helps.

Are your nipples engorged? Try a minute or two of hand-expressing your milk before feedings -- it softens your breast and gets the milk to start flowing more freely.

Got a low supply? Forget what you've heard about drinking more to up your supply. Incorporating some pumping sessions or trying to breastfeed baby more frequently can actually up your supply naturally over time.

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