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Checklist: Parenting Chores

It was tough enough maintaining a home before you gave birth. Prevent chore wars with your partner with this handy checklist:


change diapers
make the bed
prep meals
cook meals
do dishes
dress baby
play with baby
take baby to daycare/babysitter
pick up baby from the daycare/babysitter
feed baby
clean up today's mess
bath time
put baby in pajamas
put baby to bed
empty diaper pail
run errands


grocery shop
arrange family outings/weekend plans
find a babysitter
clean bathroom
yard work/mow lawn
take out trash
pick up dry cleaning
change sheets
clean refrigerator
"me time" (okay, it's not a chore, but both of you need some!)


bulk shopping (diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc.)
doctor appointments
pay bills
clean garage


plan vacation
plan birthday celebrations/parties

-- Elena Donovan Mauer

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