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Checklist: Packing a Diaper Bag

Okay, so you threw in the wipes. Here's everything else you'll need in your diaper bag.

You’ll soon find a formula that works for you, but until then, here’s a guide for packing the diaper bag. Adjust according to season, the length of your trip (around the block or around the world?), and baby’s age and special needs.

[ ] Diapers (one for every two hours and a few extra)

[ ] Diaper wipes in a zipper bag (these also work as hand wipes for mommy)

[ ] Changing pad

[ ] Diaper cream

[ ] Plastic bags for dirty clothes and diapers

[ ] 1-2 changes of clothes

[ ] Shirt or jacket for baby and mommy

[ ] Blanket

[ ] Hat for sun or cold

[ ] Bottles and formula (for a lighter load, measure powdered formula into clean bottles and mix with tap water at the destination, or pack bottled water)

[ ] Baby food and spoons

[ ] Burp cloths and bibs

[ ] Teething gel or rings

[ ] Pacifiers (pack with nipples in a clean bag)

[ ] Toys for comfort and distraction

[ ] Hand sanitizer

[ ] Sunblock (if baby is over six months)

[ ] Antibiotic cream, fever and pain reducer, antihistamine

[ ] Emergency phone numbers and information

-- Paula Kashtan

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