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Sleep Experts: Conner Herman & Kira Ryan

Conner and Kira are the co-founders of Dream Team Baby, an infant and toddler sleep consultancy based in Manhattan. They help families all over the country get some much deserved rest. Their holistic approach to solving children’s sleep problems is supported by a diverse board of experts from the medical and mental health community, including a pediatrician, a lactation consultant and a psychotherapist. When Conner and Kira aren’t teaching babies to sleep, they enjoy planning the 2035 wedding of their toddlers, Wyatt and Emilia. Learn more about their services at www.dreamteambaby.com.

Dream Team Baby's Advice

4-Month Wakeful Period
Day and Night Confusion
Decoding Baby's Cries
Decreasing Naps
Helping Baby Sleep
Hunger vs. Fatigue
Kids Share a Room
Naptime Schedule
Night Feeding
Nighttime Separation Anxiety
Resistance to Crib
Sleep Inhibitors
Sleep Solutions While PG
Sleep Training Early
Teething and Sleeping
Won't Sleep in Crib
When to Stop Swaddling

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