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Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Will my baby's eyes change color? When? And what color will they be?

Re: Will my baby's eyes change color? When? And what color will they be?

The Bump Expert

Parents ask me this one all the time. I used to say wait four to six months, but we've seen babies change at up to nine months. The best predictor is parent's eye color -- if both parents have dark brown eyes, the odds of you having a blue eyed baby is rare. Though I've seen babies born with dark eyes, they tend to go from lighter to darker. Also, don't worry if the whites look bluish at first -- this is normal, and they'll get lighter. Basically, there's a million changes at birth -- hair changes, skin changes, and so does pigment. The eye color your baby winds up with is related much more to the eye color of you and your partner than the color your baby is born with... or the eye color you wish they'd have!

Dr. Vicki Papadeas

re: Q: Will Baby's Eyes Change?

Believe it or not, my little girl's eyes changed at age 2!!! From my color blue to a mix of my blue and my husband's green. She looks just like her Daddy and her eyes were all that looked like me, but her color now is just beautiful!

Andi1798 |

re: Q: Will baby's eyes change?

Both my son's eyes and my daugher's eyes changed from a VERY bright blue to a green/hazel after they were a year old. It is so strange now to look at how different the eye color is.

JessicaSG |

re: Q: Will baby's eyes change?

not sure having a blue eyed baby to brown eyed parents is all that rare - my son has them and so do his cousins.

spaz06 |

re: Q: Will baby's eyes change?

I'm tend to find myself wondering about this also! I have brown eyes and my BD has very light bown/hazel/ pretty colored eyes! I wonder will my daughter have them also me and my BD are like night and day!!!

nee1stborn |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I had blue eyes til i was around 4 or 5 and then they changed to a husbands eyes are brown and our girl ended up with green eyes....our doctor said they shouldnt change after a we will see

Kr@nny |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Both of my parents have dark brown eyes. Both of my brothers also have brown eyes. I was born with bright blue eyes. My maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather both have blue eyes. They said I have a recessive gene.

hjhamilton35 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

my eye is brown also he daddy have brown eye..

tayshawna |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Blue eyes do come the recessive gene and brown eyes are dominate. so blue eyed people can not have a brown eyed child because if either paerent had a brown eyed gene they would have brown eyes... so brown eyed people can carry the blue eyed gene and would have a 50/50 chance of passing the blue eye gene to their child.

jewelgirl23 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I want to know the same thing...somebody help me out...I'm African-American (brown skin) with medium brown eyes, all my family is AA with brown eyes on my father and mothers side. I conceived via donor (medium brown skin) who supposedly was AA/AA-Native Am. On the donor's father side his great grandfather was AA and his great grandmother was full cherooke. They produced the donors grandfather (half AA half NA) who married a AA women (the donors grandmother). They have the donors dad (who is then 1/4 NA), and he marries the donors mother who is full AA and her family is too. Needless to say, I was shocked when my son was born white looking with non-brown eyes. His eyes where black looking when born, but they you could see they were blue. They are like a dark blue, sometimes i see a flicker of another brown or green in them, but then they just look blue. My baby is 23 weeks now (just past 5 months). The donor list his family as having brown eyes..his father having light brown eyes, and one of his siblings as having a hazel eye. And yes, I even had a dna/paternity testing down because i was in shock, and thought I was given the wrong donor. I still cant help to think that the donor has some caucasian in that native american because it just doesnt make any sense..everyone is supposedly AA except that one greatgrandmother. As an AA woman, the blue eye is just throwing me... I would not think that was possible, if for no reason other than I'm AA with Brown eyes. Anybody want to give me any opinions? and I'm thinking of suing the sperm bank for misrepresentation. Black people dont have blue eyes.

natonya620 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I beg to differ with that last statement,natonya620. Though rare,blacks can have blue eyes.I've seen it within my own family.There is currently a black baby with blue eyes that was signed to Paramount Pictures at 12 months old.Unfortunately,I could not attach a picture but I'm sure he would pop up if googled.

sinnaman15 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

natonya620. I've met several African Americans with blue eyes. And normally both sets of parents need to hold the recessive gene for blue eyes to produce a child with blue eyes. So there may just be a hidden gene within your own DNA as well. As easily as it was that the gentleman who donated didn't know, you don't know either. By the way, there are a surprise percentage of Native Americans with blue eyes (my grandmother is a Navajo and Hopi tribe historian, but I don't know the exact percentage). They started getting blue eyes around the 1600s when the settlers came over from Europe. Hope this helps. You have a wonderful life that you created and I'm sure you'll love those blue eyes no matter what!

gmblake |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My son is now 5 months old he was born with beuatiful blue-gray eyes , but my husbands eyes are brown and mine are green, hopefully if they change they are green like mine because from head to toes he look exactly like my husband and it would be nice to have at least that after all . Although our oldest daughter looks exactly like me ,but with brown eyes . I guess its only fair. LOL

rahashot |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My brother had dark brown eyes like our mom until he hit puberty, and now they are hazel like our dad's. Go figure? Mine are green.

Zee13 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change? AA with blue eyes.

myhcarranza |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Both me and my BD have light brown eyes, and from the day she was born our little one has had blue eyes. Both our grandparents had blue eyes so will they change? she is 9 months now. Alot of people tell me its 3rd generation. She just happen to get our grandparents eyes.

a1sosa |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

munk7702 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I had blue eyes till I was 15, then they went green. My drivers permit they are bright blue, and then my actual lis. they are dark green. They have been green ever since. My mom says hers changed from blue to green in middle school. My daughter's eyes are the same blue that mine used to be. I wonder if/when they will turn green too. BTW, we do not have any blue eyed persons in my family. So I felt like an outsider growing up.

savannah_girl |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My mother is Irish and Cherokee (her grandmother was full Cherokee), my father is Scottish and Lakota (not sure how much, but it's less than mom). He is easily confused for Mexican with blue eyes, my mom is easily confused for white with brown eyes. My brother has brown eyes, 2 sisters have hazel eyes (both differing in amount of green) and i have blue. Crazy Horse (a native from South Dakota in the time of Custer) was said to have light brown hair with gray eyes, obviously he was full-blood. So, natonya620, your donor's native side could have easily taken over. People get too stereotypical with Native Americans. Just because you're Native, doesn't mean you're going to be dark with dark hair and dark eyes. An old legend my great-grandmother would tell us is that the people (Natives) believe the farther traveled from your country, the more white you become. Natives originated in Asia for those that didn't know. Read your history books.

lurvly4 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

yes it changes there are several theories, about that i have used an iphone app few months before my born. After birth her eyes aren't changed. This app predict very closely eye color, it uses mother, father and grand parents colors, you can find more infor here :

elizaaa1 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My daughter's turned from a darker shade of blue to a green shade at around a year and a half.

forensicmama |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Actually, only if the brown eyed parent carries the recessive blue eye gene, even if the spouse has blue eyes, there is only a 25% chance per child of having blue eyes. Think back to those punnet squares from biology class in high school. Likewise, two blue eyed parents can only have a blue eyed child. The i phone app seems like it uses the grandparents to determine if a parent carries a recessive gene. For example, if your husband has brown eyes but his father has blue and his mother has brown, your husband carries the recessive gene for blue eyes even though he doesn't express it.

tina924 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have blue eyes and my kid's dad has deep brown. Our son ended up with bright blue eyes which now has changed some. Hes 7 and now has blue with brown specks. OUr daughter right now (2 weeks old) has brown with blue around edges.

kmama711 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

i have met people whose children's eyes were blue... up until the child was 7 or 8 and then they changed to a hazel/green-ish. so i think it depends on the child =)

brighteyes2123 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

tina924, that would be incorrect. The percentage would be 50/50. My husband has brown eyes with a recessive gene. (His father has blue eyes.) I have blue eyes so 2 recessive genes. He gives a dominant and I give a recessive or he gives recessive and I give recessive. Only 2 different possibilities.

meggiepoo87 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My son's eyes kept getting darker and darker blue, until around one years when they became a nice medium brown colour.

mandie3548 |


Some eyes appear to change color regularly, as an adult. My bf has blue eyes that sometimes look more green, other days more gray. I have hazel eyes that sometimes look light brown, sometimes more green! This is not the eyes changing color, but an appearance due to lighting. The genetics of eye color is complex; there are up to 15 genes that control eye color.

Ellei03 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Both parents having brown eyes and their baby having blue is NOT unusual. Blue eyes are a recessive trait and if anyone both sides has them then even the brown-eyed parents carry the trait and there is a 1 in 4 chance the baby will get them.

MattsWolf |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My son is 19 months and we noticed yesterday that his eyes have changed from blue to green recently. He went from having mommy's eyes to now having daddys eyes over the past couple weeks! I love the green!

faithquinn |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I am Taiwanese with almost black eye color,and my husband is Irish with blue eyes. When my son was born,his eye color was black,as he gets older,3months now,the color is just getting lighter and lighter,now it is a darker shade of blue

iycl1130 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My husband and I both have brown eyes. His lighter than mine but still brown. Our daughter is 17 months old and still has blue. I would think at this point they will remain blue but I am constantly looking for a sign they will darken. My second daughter is a month old and I am anxious to see what her eyes do.

BWC4747 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My father was born in 1961. Over the past year, at the age of 51, his eyes have turned from medium brown to a distinct green on the outer part and light brown in the middle. My sister's appear to be turning hazel as well. Mine are as deep dark brown as the day I was born, though.

DanaConrad |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

My son's eyes changed at nearly 18 months from blue to green. DH has brown eyes and I have blue. I had hoped they'd stay blue, but am happy that if they changed, they only turned green and not brown.

BoxerMomma24 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have dark brown eyes and my husband has light brown eyes. Both of our parents have brown eyes and our daughter was born with a dark grey eye color that looks bright grey in the sun.

jazminr |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

natonya620... that is simply not true. Black people can have all kinds of eye colors. Especially if you're talking about African- Americans who's gene pool is quite mixed regardless of skin color, thanks to all the mixing due to slavery and other factors. I'm black and Native American as well, and my father has bright blue eyes, He is black also. And his father and all of his uncles do as well. It's simply a matter if you carry the gene or not. On my mom's side, there are light eyes all over the place. it happens

Tedsmom54 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Both of my parents have brown eyes and so do my siblings. I was born with blue and now they're hazel. My half Asian son was born with blue eyes and right now they're brown/grey/greenish. My aunt had violet eyes until kindergarten then they turned pale green. My eyes lightened during puberty! Nothing's final till you're dead.

koolchicken |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

natonya620 , why don't you just love the baby you carried in your belly for 9 months, the baby who looks up to you and loves you with all its heart

monikatommy |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have brown eyes. My husband has green eyes, but was born with blue eyes that changed when he was in middle school. My daughter was born with deep blue eyes, that later changed to bright green, and then changed to a greyish color with hints of blue, and then to an Olive green, and now they are starting to look almost brown/hazel with still a hint of green. When will they stop changing?? Will they go back to one of her previous colors??

Sophia23Vanessa |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have black/dark brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes. My little one got my black/dark brown eyes. Of his daddy, he got nothing except for his lighter skin tone. He is now 4 months and since we live 12 hrs from our families, everyone keeps asking if his eye color has changed. It's like they are secretly holding out hope that he inherits his dad's blue eyes or something.

Ready2BMrs.K |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

What? Is it really true? I mean, i didn't know that the eye color changed? Is it a worrying sign? I thought, I only had to worry about Pink eyes after giving birth.

angiemayers |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Typically brown genes are dominant over blue genes, but eye color is determined by multiple genes. This is how you get green, gray, hazel and other colors. This site seems to have some well laid out information on this:

ignacia40 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have dark brown eyes , Hubby has light brown eyes , and our son was born w gray eyes . He is three months now , and they're still gray . Sometimes they're grayish-blue , and sometimes grayish-brown . I wonder everyday if/when they will change . Hopefully not (: !

peacelovegreen |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Both of my parents have dark brown eyes, my siblings and myself have light blue eyes. Now, my daughter who was born 6 weeks ago has dark blue eyes, which are getting lighter. My husband has green eyes, we are both waiting to see how and if her eyes will change color/ shade. Bottom line, blue, green, brown…. when looking into your child's eyes you simply melt and that what matters.

Dominiczka |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

Actually most caucasian babies are born with dark blue or gray eyes. If they're light blue I've heard that's an indicator they might not change. Whos knows... It says here they're usually done by 6-9 months, but my oldest son's eye didn't really settle until he was two! My 8-month-old's eyes have been changing for months, but they're not even close to mine or my husband's, and I suspect they'll keep changing. We (my husband, preschooler, and I) all have hazel eyes anyway, which means OUR eyes change color, but they have an established range. My eyes change between shades of brown, green, and yellow mostly and my husband's switch between blue, green, and silver. Because of this, it seems my preschooler's eyes have more green than other colors, but they still change. So I definitely agree that, if you want to know what color baby's eyes will be, look at mom and dad. Some babies eyes don't pick a color (or range of colors) until they're three!

klhpensil |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I'm white and my wife is Chinese, 100%. I have dark brown eyes, as does my wife, and her parents. But blue eyes are very common on my side of the family, with my sister having green eyes and a pale complexion, and my father having blue eyes. Also blue eyes are scattered all over my father's side of the family (Hungarian). Our daughter was born with gray-green eyes, and we're eager to see where they end up. When I was born my eyes were 100% dark brown, never really changed- I read that african american, asian, and hispanic babies are (usually) born with brown eyes, never changing. I'm thinking her eyes will end up brown, but still holding out for some beautiful gray eyes (my favorite)

YandE2014 |

Q&A: Will baby's eye color change?

I have dark brown eyes, hubby has green eyes. My son was born with sky blue eyes and at 10 mos they're a bluish green. My grandpa and his sister both had green eyes and their mother (my grandmother) and beautiful blue eyes. My son is the ONLY one on my side of the family that got the green/blue eyes though so I think he had the double whammy of my family history and his daddy having green eyes.

kryslovesdave |