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Q&A: Why is baby's head flat?

Why is baby's head still flat?

Re: Why is baby's head still flat?

The Bump Expert

Now that babies are all sleeping on their backs, many babies are getting what’s called "positional plagiocephaly," or flat heads. This usually resolves itself with lots of tummy time -- I suggest after every diaper change -- so babies have time when they’re not on their head. Occasionally your pediatrician may recommend a positioning helmet, which helps to reshape the head. By putting babies on their stomach from day one, most parents can avoid ever needing the helmet, so tummy time is important!

Dr. Paula Prezioso, MD, is in private practice at Pediatric Associates of New York City and is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the NYU Medical School.

re: Q: Why is baby's head flat?

some babies will still need a helmet. We gave our son plenty of tummy time and he is now in a helmet. However, he was 5 weeks early and our pedi said that was most likely a contributing factor to his plagio- his head was super flat from the beginning. Just wanted to post this for moms who may be dealing with this. Now that DS is in the helmet, it is a bigger deal than I thought. It makes everything harder.

sunshine723 |

re: Q: Why is baby's head flat?

I recommend that if this occurs you bringing your new born to a D.O specializing in Osteopathic manipulation, its cranial work done by allowing the head to form as it would naturally. My husband does this and he has had a few newborns with misshapen heads and in a few short months a complete transformation it also helps with symmetry of the face! PLUS its covered by most insurances and no referral needed!

nicolesspirit |

Q&A: Why is baby's head flat?

My babies head is flat on the right side because she leans on it during feeding and while sleeping. Would a sleep positioner help even out her head so that she's laying directly on the back of her head and not the side?

SSJansen |