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When Will Baby's Personality Emerge?

I know it's a process, but when will baby start to develop a sense of self and individuality?


I know it's a process, but when will baby start to develop a sense of self and individuality?

The Bump Expert

In the beginning, life is pretty much about three things for baby: eating, sleeping, and pooping. Yep, life is pretty sweet. So don’t expect your babe to have much of a personality right away. In fact, when she’s first born, she still considers herself one and the same with Mom (after all that time hanging out in your womb), which is why discovering her own personality is a bit of a process.

You’ll probably notice a change in baby around six to seven months, when she starts to realize that she’s actually her own person. But be prepared: This realization can often lead to a fear of being left alone and can cause separation anxiety to sink in. By the time your baby’s a toddler, though, she’s pretty much figured out that when Mommy leaves, Mommy will come back. That’s why a sense of individuality may start to emerge more clearly once baby’s hit toddlerhood. But be on guard for a little spunkiness: Words like “my” and “mine” and “no!” are likely to get thrown around a little too much during this phase. Hang in there.

Brianne Dougherty

Q&A: When will baby start to develop a sense of individuality?

At birth babies don't even realize that the tiny hands and feet they see before them are their own. But over time, as they develop various physical and emotional skills and grow more confident, they`ll increasingly want to do things their way. Now my kid is older and wants to wear only clothes because in his opinion, they look great and make him special.

amyabel68 |

When Will Baby's Personality Emerge?

I have two girls and from the pregnancies, I could tell there were differences. First born was constantly shifting and hated the tight space. When she was born, if she wasn't sleeping, she needed to be up and held, moving around. Second born would move arms and legs everyday but only shifted every two or three days. When she was born, and now at four month, she can staying her crib and entertain herself just fine. Second born laughs just when you smile and first born wasn't as easily enthused. Tiny things like that you can notice about personality when they are babies. First born was always okay with new people until about two when she learned fear. You can pick up tidbits of personality but sometimes you can only see those things in retrospect.

CurlyTexan |