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Q&A: When will baby start to crawl?

When will baby start to crawl?

Re: When will baby start to crawl?

The Bump Expert

Baby should be scooting around by 6 to 10 months. Chances are, it won’t just happen overnight, you’ll start to see the warm-up: rocking back and forth on his knees. Worried that your little guy’s a late bloomer? Don’t stress too much. Some babies wiggle, roll, or shuffle around instead of crawling everywhere. And believe it or not, other babies skip the crawling phase altogether and go straight to walking. If you’re concerned, talk to your doc, but keep in mind that all babies really do develop at different rates.

Brianne Dougherty

Q&A: When will baby start to crawl?

Most babies start crawling, or some form of crawling, around 9 months of age. For more information on infant milestones, check out this growth and development chart, endorsed by the AAP, from Pathways Awareness:

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