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When Will Baby Start Talking?

What counts as talking, and when can I expect it?


What counts as talking, and when can I expect it?

The Bump Expert

Baby should start babbling as early as four or five months, with some adorable “mamas” and “dadas” coming in the months after that. But as for more complete thoughts and sentences, be patient; she probably won’t turn into a real wordsmith until about two years. Wondering what you can do to help? Playing language games and talking to baby in a normal voice as much as possible can develop these skills. Reading to your baby may also encourage those first words and it’s a great way to establish a bedtime routine. But don’t worry if baby still seems to be moving at a slower pace. Every tot is different.

Brianne Dougherty

Q&A: When will baby start talking?

i have really been playing with sign language while i speak the word i sign it, we work on one word at a time my daughter is 11 mths and says and signs mom, dad, thank you, drink, grandma & grandpa. we are now working on toy.

giraffophant |

Q&A: When will baby start talking?

It's depend to the baby. I think 1 year baby can speak little words. Get apps about baby and care for Android in APK version on the APKLate site.

jesmarrie |

Q&A: When will baby start talking?

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Jenny095624 |