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Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

What can I drink while breastfeeding that won’t irritate DS's stomach?

Re: What can I drink while breastfeeding that won’t irritate DS's stomach?

The Bump Expert

Herbal teas are great and don’t typically irritate a baby’s stomach. They can be made in batches and served hot or chilled with ice and there are many different flavors to choose from so you won’t get bored (at least not right away).

If you enjoy caffeinated beverages, limit your intake to about two (eight-ounce) servings per day.

Cranberry, pomegranate and acai berry drinks are another option. Try mixing them with either sparkling or plain water. Adding slices of lemon, limes, or oranges to plain will add flavor and won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive stomach.

Carole Arsenault

re: Q: Breastfeeding beverages?

Unless there is a known allergy or other adverse reaction, you can drink just about anything non-alcoholic that you enjoy. Sometimes citrus or dairy irritates babies- but unless you note a reaction to a specific substance, bottoms up! It's more important to stay hydrated than to avoid half the stuff in your fridge for fear of a reaction.

Fashion Mujahid |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

While many will tell you not to drink alcohol at all, there is no reason to not be able to enjoy a drink here and there. In fact alcohol metabolizes in your milk the same as in your blood so if you aren't feeling the effects then chances are baby won't either and there is no need to "pump and dump". If you want to be double sure there are testing strips available to let you know if your milk is safe or not. Also, beer, especially dark beer, has been found to help increase milk supply if you drink it sparingly. Note that too much alcohol of any kind can dehydrate you and decrease your supply, so drink with caution. My LC suggested 8-16oz a night.

midnightsun907 |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

Not all herbal teas are OK for breast feeding. Licorice as a component of herbal tea is one that is not recommended, for example, which rules out one of my favorite herbal blends. I have found that citrus irritates my son's stomach (makes him spit up after every feeding), so I avoid that. I keep a 32 oz. refillable bottle of water around and try to drink often. I find that if I keep it nearby, I am much more likely to drink it. Having to stop what I am doing to go get a glass of water is unlikely to happen with a 4 month old on my hands! Remember to drink extra fluids during the hot summer months.

WonketteSC |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

You can drink pretty much anything except for excessive alcohol. The contents of your stomach do not really get into breast milk because your body processes and metabolizes it. Some people say you should avoid dairy if your baby is having digestive issues because dairy proteins are large. From personal and anecdotal experience, cutting out dairy doesn't do anything. It's much more important to make sure baby eats for a long enough time to get adequate "hind milk," the milk that is more fattening. I highly recommend looking at the La Leche League website for breast feeding information. Their advice based on extensive scientific research and years of experience.

lexicgrace |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

I think that while breast feeding you are not allowed to drink any alcohol. You can ask any alcohol rehab Florida specialist and he will tell you that such a behavior can heart your baby.

annasiegfried |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

I disagree with the mom who said laying off dairy doesn't do anything. After two months of watching my poor son have horrible gas attacks, I eliminated a number of things from my diet and re-added them one by one to see what was causing the issue. Sure enough, dairy was unmistakably the culprit. This certainly won't apply to all babies, but it's definitely the case for some.

mdkalinski |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

Probiotics, we found, really help out with gas and other of Baby's digestion issues. We used BabyGia's drops found at Walgreen's. Only needed to use them for a few months to clear up our issues :)

ReneeLang |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

In my opinion.....It all depends on you and how your body reacts to what your drinking. I have heard many people say lay off dairy, don't drink coffee and tons of other things. I think that we are all just concerned parents. Honestly, If you can't handle dairies very well I am sure your little one could have a reaction. I found that no mater what I eat or drink it doesn't effect my little man. I also don't note ever spit up or gas that he passes. I think we all get too worked up in what to do and what not to do we forget to just enjoy our little blessings. So basically if you eat something or drink something that you think is effecting your LO then don't have anymore of it, but don't worry yourself about it. I promise your little one will be ok.

altasto |

Q&A: What to drink while breastfeeding?

Remember that every caffeinated beverage has a different level of caffeine. Even different coffee types have vastly different caffeine levels. I have never been told I need to watch what I ate or drank while BFing, other than alcohol.

christymalibu |