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Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

What’s the best way to treat cradle cap?

Re: What’s the best way to treat cradle cap?

The Bump Expert

We usually recommend using baby oil and following with a soft brush to remove the scales. In severe cases, the pediatrician may recommend a dandruff shampoo since seborrhea is really dandruff.

Dr. Paula Prezioso, MD, is in private practice at Pediatric Associates of New York City and is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the NYU Medical School.

re: Q: Treating cradle cap?

I used Selson Blue and it worked great to loosen up the cradle cap. I would wrap my son up in towel nice and tight and hold his head over the kitchen sink and wash his hair so the soap wouldn't get in his eyes. He's 5 months old now and hasn't had cradle cap for the past several months. I wouldn't use oil, it only made it worst.

DBustamante |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

i saw my babys ped yesterday and he said massaging the scalp when applying shampoo will make it start to dissappear then brushing hair after the bath. seems to be working. |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I used head and shoulders and let it sit for a few mintues on his scalp and then used his brush to scrub and it went away in two days.

SLeGros05 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I applied baby oil with a cotton ball to loosen the dry skin. Then I combed off the dry skin. After combing I washed my son's hair immediately because my pediatrician advised me that cradle cap is actually caused by excess oil on the scalp.

Korzy |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

my ped told me to use selson blue twice a wk. it works


Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I was using oil (baby oil, olive oil) per doctor's recommendations, followed by brushing, washing hair and more brushing and it only made it worse. My husband decided to use the Aveno baby intensive lotion (he was already slathering her up with it for her eczema) and it worked like a charm, it was gone within days. I have seen a little dryness every once in awhile and we just use the aveno again and it goes away immediately.

ssanchez77 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

Mustela foam works great, also aquaphor

pskic |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

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willimrichard |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

SleGro05 how old was your baby when you used head and shoulders? my baby is 11 weeks old, and has cradle cap..i've used baby oil and it seems to make his head worse....looking for a way to help get rid of it....DEBUSTAMANTE how old was your baby when you used selsun blue? someone plz help!

ALIO87 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

one of the best way of treating creating cap is by using a brush. just slowly brush the affected area with a mild shampoo. You can also check it out at cradle cap treatment

ginacarano |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

my 11 week old daughter was born with a ton of hair so you couldnt see the cradle cap at 4 weeks unless you stared at her scalp. i took some baby oil cream and massaged it into her hair and onto her scalp and let it sit for about 2 hours and repeated it again in the spots i saw that were dry. after about 6 hours of baby oil cream massages i get into the bathtub with my baby (she loves it when im in the bath with her and i felt it was safer and more hands on then standing in a cold kitchen over the sink or leaning over the bathtub) and hold her (laying down) on my lap making the water shallow and gently squeezed water out of a washcloth (we have these soft bath time terry cloth gloves and wash cloths) onto her head after seeing that enough of the water came out and nearly freaking out that suddenly my daughters scalp was white and puffy because all of her dry skin swell up full of water, i gently started scrubbing her scalp in little circles light enough that it soothed her dipping the cloth back in water every now and then to make it warmer and wash off some of those flakes i used johnsons baby shampoo and continued massaging and scrubbing the flakes out of her hair and off of her scalp. she hasnt had cradle cap since. your baby will let you know if you are pressing too hard or annoying them. and her skin will let you know if you are doing it right. when you apply the baby oil the dry flakes of skin should look as if they disapeared, please remember if you get them wet it will look a million times worse and if you gently scrub it will come off. your babys skin will look red but after a day or so it will be normal as long as you did it correctly. if your baby already has sensitive skin i would talk to your pediatrician before using any methods.

paranoidangel |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

May sound weird, but I put lotion on my baby's scalp an hour or two before bathtime. I let it soak in, and then used a comb to get the flakes to come up. I would then pick off the flakes that came up. I would give him a bath and brush his hair and scalp when the shampoo was in. Seemed to help a lot. I also found that until those flakes were ready, they weren't going to budge.

MommytobeSL |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

Dr. said to use Selson Blue and it worked great. I only used a tiny tiny bit.

beachwife2010 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

Gentle Naturals, cradle cap care is THE BEST!!! I massaged it on the affected area while I bathe him and with the help of his little comb and brush all gone. I got it from a friend who bought it at the whole food store. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

nuspotlight |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

we used vaseline. Just rub it onto the affected areas of the scalp right before bath time. Gently shampoo and rinse. Not all of the vaseline would come out, but by the next morning it would soak in. It immediately made my son's scalp less itchy and it was completely healed within a few days. We've not had any more trouble. Inexpensive, easy, no medication/chemicals to worry about using with a baby. I think I found this remedy in "what to expect the first year."

ChepJane |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I used Vaseline like the dr said, I even used baby oil, but now it seems 10 times worse. Adult scalp treatment sounds too harsh and full of chemicals that I'm not sure I wanna use on a baby that's only 3 months. It's super flaky and he scratches it when he's grouchy, sleepy, and hot. Are there different stages of cradle cap and does it look like pussy yellow buildup (like when he was 2-4weeks old) or now how it's super flaky white like a dandruff hub (3 months old)?

lov3tc |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I use coconut oil- it works great, and smells good too. I also brush her hair backwards a few times a day. I tried baby oil right away, before I found out about coconut oil, and the baby oil made it a lot worse- really dried her scalp out.

FutureE |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

My child had it really bad, during his bath I would put baby oil on his head and I got a soft baby brush and brushed his hair and it got rid of it after two times of doing it

noirpoetry69 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

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Apollosan |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

My son was seven weeks old and the ped told me to use head and shoulders. I let it soak for a few minutes then washed it out. I then brushed his hair to get all the flaky skin out. Worked great and he hasn't had any since.

elephantmaniac22 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

At 5 1/2 months, my (now 6 month) son had a mild case of CC... it almost seemed like it happened over night! Anyway, that day, I massaged coconut oil on the affected area and then combed his hair in all different directions until it looked like it was all gone, then gave him a bath. It was like he never had it!!! I wouldn't advise mineral oil or dandruff shampoo, seeing as they're both man-made and have chemicals in them. I imagine they would just dry out their skin even more... anyway, I used pure organic coconut oil and it was 100% effective.

k8iegirl |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

My son had it the worst! I massaged olive oil into his scalp an hour before bathtime, then washed it out. That worked slowly... Then I bought Mustela Foam Shampoo for cradle cap, OMG, it worked BRILLIANTLY! You have to leave it in for 2 minutes, so I lather his hair up, leave it & wash his body, at the end I rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. It was completely gone after the first time using this shampoo. Whatever you do, DO NOT COMB IT OUT!! if you comb out the flakes, look closely at those flakes & you'll see tiny lil baby hairs attached. Everyone I know who combed it out was left with a bald baby

maxeva |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I put a little baby oil on the scalp then lightly combed my baby girls scalp. Viola, it worked itself right out. Kinda gross because it looks like lice, but it was all gone and hasn't returned.

qswindle |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

our baby boy had scales and it was itchy, he would scratch and pull at his hair, so we used coconut oil, organic and food grade from health food store. Coconut is not only oily but a natural antiseptic and in 4 days his soft head was back to normal, without any funky smells and hair growing back. Bonus no chemicals.

LoreinCuevas |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

I used a little coconut oil on his dry spots and brushed it with a baby brush to loosen the dry skin. Then I would use his wash cloth with a little J&J shampoo to wash his hair. Got rid of it in less than a week.

rallen123 |

Q&A: Treating cradle cap?

My doc recommended putting Eucerin (the original, plain kind) on his head and letting it soak in for a few hours. Then shampoo and brush with a SOFT toothbrush. This worked GREAT! It was practically gone after one treatment. And he Loved getting stroked by the soft toothbrush. :)

ardath13 |