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Can I Treat Baby Acne?

Why does baby have acne and what can I do?

Re: Why does baby have acne and what can I do?

The Bump Expert

Well, clearly baby’s bumpy skin is not the result of pizza or French fries, but it is linked to hormones. While experts have not found any specific reasons why babies get acne, hormones baby inherited from Mommy during pregnancy are the big culprits. Baby acne is characterized by red bumps on baby’s cheeks, chin and forehead, and it appears anywhere from birth to three months of age. You may also see white bumps that resemble whiteheads on the same areas, including the chin. If these disappear just weeks after birth, they’re called milia. Though milia are confused with acne, it's actually dead skin that’s trapped in small pockets on the skin’s surface or inside the mouth, known as Epstein’s pearls.

According to pediatrician Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, there is no way to prevent baby’s bumps and they should absolutely not be treated like adult acne (no pinching or popping). Instead, wash baby’s face one to three times a day with warm water and always pat dry. Do not use extra soaps or lotions. While it should clear up by four to six months, if baby’s acne refuses to tame, talk to your doctor about possible treatments. And keep in mind that baby acne is extremely common in newborns and does not indicate future skin problems (whew).

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Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

Kristi0404 |

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

If the pimples really bother you, rub a tiny bit of baby powder on them and they'll be gone in like 24 hours. I did this with my baby, my mother with her babies, and my aunt with her babies. You just have to make sure not to get anything in or close to their eyes, nose, or mouth. It worked for me!

JBVsgirl |

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

My dd started getting baby acne on her face & scalp, I started washing her face more & it got worse. Turns out it was the soap! I stopped using J&J head to toe wash on her head & it cleared in 2 days.

CaliSailor |

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

I try to stay really healthy and keep baby that way too, so when she developed what looked like this baby acne, i was concerned. Found out it was more of a rash and it was due to what i was ingesting (since i am breastfeeding) turns out she has a sensitivity to the nectarines i was eating, but the big one was the cranberry capsules i was taking for a bladder infection. got off the cranberry and it started to clear later that day!

ahealingtouchinc |

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

I'm breast feeding - anytime I drink a juice or eat some citrus fruit like orange or tangerine - my baby girl end up with rash / acne on her face. Only thing that helped was cleaning her face with warm cotton balls (just water no soap), dried up and put baby lotion. Make sure the skin is completely dry before putting lotion otherwise can create more acne.

Cuzka |

Q&A: Treating baby acne?

When you have a newborn, you may expect diaper rash and cradle cap. But what about those white bumps across your baby's nose and chin? Or the red bumps on your baby's cheeks? These complexion problems are known as milia and baby acne. They're not pretty, but they're common — and temporary. milia removal

jackline23 |