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What Are Some Tips for Transitioning Into Day Care?

Baby's starting day care. Any tips for making the transition as smooth as possible?


Baby's starting day care. Any tips for making the transition as smooth as possible?

The Bump Expert

Communicate. Speak openly and honestly with the center's staff, and ask how they help to transition new children into their program. Offer as much information about your child as possible so they can create a transitional period that best suits him, says parenting coach Tammy Gold.

Tag along. Before baby's first full day, visit the center a few times with baby and stay for an hour or so. "Baby will see familiar faces and get to know the location, so it's not so sudden and overwhelming," says Gold.

Make a list. You might worry about seeming overprotective, but writing down information about your child and giving it to the staff will help them understand your child's personality and preferences. That can mean less trial and error. Include information such as, "If he falls down, he likes..." or "If he acts like ... it means he's overtired."

Talk it up. If you have an older baby or toddler, talk about all the people he'll meet and play with at day care. Bring them up a few times a day every day before he starts, so he feels like they're already a part of his life.

Bring comforts of home. Ask if baby can have his favorite blanket or stuffed animal at day care, and if you can post a photo of you and your partner near his crib or in his cubby.

Give it time. Every child needs to get used to a new environment, but this is a place designed just for babies. The children and toys available at day care will make the transition even easier.

Tammy Gold

re: Q: Transitioning into daycare?

other points: he is still only 10 months old so don't buy anything new for the big day. put him in his usual clothes, bring his common cup or bottle, pack a usual lunch and snack and bring any toy or blanket that he is attached to. if he was transitioning and he was 2 or older i would encourage a new purchase such as small backpack or a light up spiderman lunch box. i would encourage you to talk about how proud you are of him, and how he is such a big boy. also every kid is different and as a mom you know if he is ready for the big boy speech or if he is still in the, "everything will be okay" moment. i hope this has helped you, and maybe others.

heather13777 |

re: Q: Transitioning into daycare?

have the nanny (or if you can take a day off work) bring your son into the daycare to walk around, say hi to the kids, and maybe play for an hour. but have either you, your nanny, or some other trusted person that your son knows very well to be there as support. this should be no more than one week before he actually has to go all day since he is only 10 months old. the day or two before he goes have again you or your nanny drop him off for only 1/3 of the time he is going to be in once the whole transition is in place. then the day before leave your son there for 1/2 or 2/3 of the time. once your son gets dropped off for his full day he won't be as scared. he will recognize the teachers, kids, and the environment and he has had a few days to realize he is going to keep coming back. he may cry once you drop him off but usually as soon as the parents leave the child is redirected and is fine. if your really worried ask the daycare if you can call on your break at work to give a hello to your son, just make sure it won't be during nap time.

heather13777 |