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Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Know any great ways to soothe baby when teething is making him (and me) crazy?

Re: Know any great ways to soothe baby when teething is making him (and me) crazy?

The Bump Expert

Common sense tells you to let baby chew on something, of course. But chew on what? Anything else you can do? What pain killers work best? We put the question out to you, and here's the great user tips we've gotten so far...

> Samncarl05 (Ohio, mom to 6-month-old Lillian Grace):

"I wet a portion of a wash cloth and put it in the freezer for a 1/2 hour. I let DD chew on the wash cloth then. She loves it! The wet part is where they chew and the non wet part for them to hold, so their hands don't freeze!

Also, I heard with teething comes diaper rash so to prevent further discomfort I use A & D every diaper change.

If all else fails. Tylenol and lots of love and cuddling!"

> Madhatter2003 (Virginia, mom to 6-month-old Alexandra):

"Tylenol or Motrin....Motrin lasts longer =)

Also, try using:

- Cold teething rings - not frozen though. They are too hard then for her gums. I just refrigerate them.

- Frozen washcloth trick

- Orajel - this creates a drooly mess though!"

> Molldoll71 (New Jersey, mom to 6-month-old Billy):
"I second the extra hugs and cuddles. Also he has a Nuby teething ring that he loves. "

The Bump Editors

re: Q: Teething tips?

Depending on the age of your child, I cut up some peaches and put them in the freezer. My dd loved them so much. However I also found pacifiers that were made for teething. They have raised nobbs at the base of the pacifier. It seems to help my dd alot.

melwillingham25 |

re: Q: Teething tips?

DD loves the fresh fruit holders. It is a little net thing that you can pop a strawberry or any fruit into. She can chew on the cool fruit, enjoy the taste of the juice and help with her sore gums. Plus, you don't have to worry about her choking on pieces of fruit. I love it!


re: Q: Teething tips?

I've heard more than a few Pediatricians say not to use Orajel, there is not enough info. on the ingredients and side effects. Even Baby Orajel. Camilia by Boiron has single dose sterile drops, they work wonderfully. Sometimes you just need one, sometimes 2 or 3 but it's safe and pretty much impossible to give too much. I wouldn't use Tylenol either unless nothing else works. Then, of course, you would not want your baby to suffer unnecessary pain.

Caitlin0611 |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Hylands teething tablets are just stick them in babys mouth they dissolve instantly and do the work right can give 2 every 15 to 20 minutes and baby is pain free and if babys been crying these tablets help them relax and go night night:)

angelicalorenzo |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Of all things we've started leaving our DD's pacifiers in the freezer. She's only 3 months so it's still sort of hard for her to get the teething toys to her mouth as often as she's needing them and in turn is resulting to gnawing, quite hard, on her hands which only makes her more upset. We noticed that she would instantly calm down when we popped a paci in her mouth straight from the freezer. Another lovely trick I found was to put just a few drops of water inside the nipple of the pacifier and then putting it in the freezer. Some days are harder then others for our little bright eyes and I've found that when she needs extended relief this is what works best because it gives her something cold to chew on but the silicon from the pacifier still keeps it nice and soft on her gums. Thus far we've only had to give her Tylenol 2 times but if we hadn't come up with the freezer trick I don't know that this would still ring true. Obviously Motrin is the preferred medicine of choice because it tends to last longer but Elisia isn't old enough to take it yet. I also have a family member that swears by the Hylands Teething Tablets but they just didn't sound safe to me from a personal stand point. I remember there being a specific ingredient that made me very concerned when I read the label when our first DD started teething at 2 months, but they may have changed it in the almost 6 years that I've looked at it. Her pediatrician and mine apparently had conflicting views on this product but she raised all 3 of her kids on them and, to my knowledge, never had a single issue related to them.

MamaRe888 |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Orajel can make baby's tongue/whole mouth numb...sometimes making it difficult to swallow or breathe, esp. during a nap/sleeping. Don't agree, try it out for yourself! I did, and was amazed at how numb my mouth was.... Hyland's teething tablets work wonders for me & my little guy. It only makes the gums numb (which is the part that hurts them...) Plus, chewing on toys/teethers! everyone is different, just telling u what works for me - maybeit'll work for you too. Teething is OH SO FUN :) good luck mamas

still07 |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

How do you know if they are crying from teething? Mine are fed and diapered and will scream, not sure if its teething or just grumpy. When to give Tylenol?

McnairJD |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

My DD is 4 months and I think she is teething because she wants to chew on everything. I've tried giving her Baby Orajel twice now and got temporary relief but 30 minutes later she puked. Has anybody else had issues with this happening? I will try putting her pacifier in the freezer. The feezer toys seem to gag her. I haven't gotten to the point of giving Tylenol but I'm sure that time will come.

ltoraason |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Well... I am hoping this works on my little one when the time comes, but my mother would rub pickle juice on my gums when I was teething, and she said it worked like a charm, and I was as good as gold. Developed a crazy obsession with munching on pickles, but my teeth came in easily.

macadamia.nut |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

The best solution is to pay a visit to the pediatrician. He will tell you what you have to do to make your baby stop crying, sweating and having fever. Asigurari RCA ieftin

gabrielaela |

Q&A: Tips for dealing with teething?

Humphries for teething online or walgreens

estherpe |