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Q&A: Sleep training early?

My first child was a terrible sleeper and now that I’m expecting #2, I’m a little freaked out about sleep training. Is there anything I can do right away to help my new baby start good sleep habits?

Re: My first child was a terrible sleeper and now that I’m expecting #2, I’m a little freaked out about sleep training. Is there anything I can do right away to help my new baby start good sleep habits?

The Bump Expert

We work with a lot of parents who want to start sleep training right away, but there’s not really much you can do in terms of training within the first few months. What you can do is make sure the nursery is as sleep-friendly as possible so that baby has the foundation for sleep training down the road. Try these recommendations to help baby learn the difference between sleep time and awake time:

[   ] Expose baby to indirect sunlight/daylight in between naps to help regulate their internal clock.

[   ] Try to encourage baby to take at least one nap a day in their own space.

[   ] Install room-darkening curtains in baby’s room.

[   ] Purchase a white noise machine with a “continuous” function that can play all night.

[   ] Keep baby’s sleeping space between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

[   ] Remove crib mobiles and other electronic crib toys from the bassinet or crib. Babies simply don’t need these items, and they can actually prevent a child from sleeping well.

sleep experts conner herman and kira ryan Conner Herman and Kira Ryan, cofounders of Dream Team Baby

Q&A: Sleep training early?

From the time I brought DD home I would stick her in her crib in her room for all naps during the day and then she would sleep in her bassinet in our room at night. I read that doing this would get her comfortable with being in her room and therefore the transition to being in there all the time would be easier. I guess it works because she's slept in her own room since she was 2 months old and I never had any issues with her waking up screaming?!

Txmommy09 |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

My first one would only sleep in a swing {he had bad colic and its the only thing that soothed him} for the first 3 months then he went to the crib..He was a horrible sleeper- never slept thru the night till 18 mths old. Now I have my 2nd and he is so much better..He is 10 weeks now and for the past 2 nights has slept thru the night (8-10 hrs) I hope it continues..However he will only sleep in the swing..He was in a crib in his own room for the first 2 weeks. Since then he refuses to sleep in his crib?! I am trying to get him back to the crib but doesn't seem to be doing so well..Any ideas?!

camerons_mommy06 |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

My son is almost 3 months old at the time and he only sleeps in his swing becuase of colic and GERD. I tried putting him in his crib but it just woiuldn't work he would cry forever and I felt horrible but he is also sleeping 7-8 hours in his swing at night and I am open to any suggestions on how to get him comfortable in his crib at night with out letting him CIO

beautifulbabie88 |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

We have the same issue with our 3 month old. Any suggestions?

CheeriosMom |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

our baby is 13 weeks. at about 7 weeks, we sleep trained her. for one night, she cried quite a bit. if she cried for 5 minutes, we would go in, soothe her a little and then let her be. it was hard but i realized that when i changed my perspective from "she's going to feel abandoned and ignored" to "i'm allowing her the time and space to learn how to soothe herself to sleep", i felt much better. after that 1 night, she barely ever cries when in her crib for bedtime. if she is overtired, which she was yesterday, she wailed and wasn't able to soothe herself... but aside from that, it's really actually amazing. i'd definitely recommend trying this technique as it worked miracles for us. also, those first few nights of sleep training -- have dad go into the room to soothe baby. there's something abt the mommy's smell (prob w/nursing and breastmilk capabilities) that make baby cry even louder instead of being soothed. be prepared though for crying after you come out of 'soothing' her... because of course she wants you to bring her out and rock her. from our experience, baby learned how to soothe herself and sleeps on her own every night. having said all that, i also know that if a baby has colic they will need a lot more soothing because that's just the temperament. in this case, i am not sure what to try... although, colic is supposed to end at 3 months... so maybe at 3 months, you can try the above thing we tried.

lairac |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

From the day I got home from the hospital with both my girls I started a schedule. I made sure to feed every 2 and a half hours and lay them down for naps. The best advice I got from my nurse was to not wake baby at night to feed just make sure to get all your oz's in during day. I bottle feed. Both girls would sleep for about 5 hours at nite from day one which was enough for me! And as they got older the night sleeping got longer I just stuck to my feeding schedule religiously! Although I don't think this method works so good for breastfeeding. My SIL nursed and since you can't exactly measure how much baby is taking in your kinda at the mercy of your child. But she still didn't wake baby at nite to feed she would let him fuss awhile.

apmrclark |

Q&A: Sleep training early?

If you start with some simple rules with your newborn you will have a great sleeper on your hands before you know it. Check out my blog about some simple rules you can follow with regard to newborn sleep.

Erika Simon a gentle pediatric sleep coach at HSI |