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Q&A: Should I sterilize bottles?

Do I need to sterilize the bottles every time?

Re: Do I need to sterilize the bottles every time?

The Bump Expert

After the initial sterilization (submerge in boiling water for five minutes), a thorough washing with hot, soapy water is all your bottles really need. If you're not confident in your cleansing skills, throw the bottles in the dishwasher on hot. Make sure to put caps and bottles in a basket. If your baby contracts thrush (an oral yeast infection somewhat common in breastfed babies), your pediatrician might tell you to sterilize all bottles, pacifiers and teethers between each use... Otherwise, don't bother.

The Bump Editors

Q&A: Should I sterilize bottles?

I steralized more when my LO was 3mths and under. After that, I just use hot soapy water and step it up a steralizing notch after the LO gets sick.

junebug20111 |

Q&A: Should I sterilize bottles?

Yes, it's for your baby so do it the best. Don't forget to apply soap. If you want to add some apps about baby on Android you can search it in APKLate which shares APK of it.

jesmarrie |

Q&A: Should I sterilize bottles?

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