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Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

How do birth announcements work? When should I send them out by? And what goes on them?

Re: How do birth announcements work? When should I send them out by? And what goes on them?

The Bump Expert

Mail a printed announcement, send an e-card, text it, put it on Facebook, or Tweet it – there have never been more ways of letting your peeps know when your little one has arrived. There’s no bad way to spread the good news, choose what suits your personal style.

Etiquette and How-To
Who to send birth announcements to, when, and what they should say.

Who? Send birth announcements to any friends and family that you think would like to celebrate the arrival of your newborn. Be sure to include anyone who came to your baby shower.
When? Send out your announcements as soon as possible but if it takes you six months to do it, everyone will understand that you have your hands full with baby. Do a little prep while you’re pregnant to get your cards out as soon as possible. Whether you choose a printed announcement or an e-card, pick out your design out before baby arrives. Once baby is here and you have her stats, get her info to the site or store where you got you bought your announcements and they should be able to quickly turn them around for you. If you opt for printed announcements, figure out what you would like to write, buy your stamps, and address your envelopes while you’re pregnant – believe us, it will be way easier that way.
What? Decide whether you want to include a photo on your card and think about what you will write. An announcement usually has an introduction - which can be as straight-forward or as sentimental as you choose, the birth details -- baby's birth date, weight, and length (plus time and place of birth, if you like), and the parents' names, followed by the names of the baby's siblings.

Printed Announcements
Choose and customize a photo birth announcement at one of our favorite sites like Tiny Prints, Minted, or Paper Culture. Prepare to have your brain boggled as you sift through thousands of adorable cards – but have to choose one. Browse Etsy to find a unique, handcrafted announcement – you can even get a customized announcement as a PDF file that you can print at home. If you more of a bricks-and-mortar type, drop by your local stationer’s shop and choose a bespoke announcement but expect to spend a lot more for it. You can also order custom-printed announcements online from one of our favorite stationers like Greenwich Letterpress, Egg Press, and Luxe Paperie.

Digital Announcements
Sending an e-announcement might seem like it lacks formality for the occasion of a birth but with the abundance of clever and adorable cards online, it’s a terrific (and thrifty) way to go. Paperless Post e-cards are as gorgeously designed as anything created by a high-end stationer and your first 25 cards are free when you sign up for the site. Pingg offers charming, artist-designed announcements from names like Martha Stewart, Wee Gallery, and Simple te Design. If web is too passé for you, use Red Stamp - an iPad and iPhone app that offers 400+ stylish announcements that you can send by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or paper postcards.

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updated 12/1/2011

Kelly Alfieri

re: Q: Birth announcements?

My favorite birth announcements are the ones with photos! All the major online photo sites (snapfish, shutterfly, kodak, etc.) have options that let you design your own this way - just upload a photo of baby and you can get them within a few business days. Prices are pretty reasonable, too.

formossissima |

re: Q: Birth announcements?

Joel McHale, from the Soup, had the cutest and funniest birth announcement. It had a picture of his baby boy on the fron tand it said " He looks like a little bald man".

laylabailey |

re: Q: Birth announcements?

This answer doesn't answer the question of what to put on them. So... what do you put on them: a picture of the kid, and the date of birth, but what else?

spiffy |

re: Q: Birth announcements?

Parents names, baby's name, date and time of birth, length and weight.Something like: With great joy, Tom and Jane Johnson welcome Genevive Marie to their familyMonday, June 29, 20094:15 p.m.20 3/4 inches7 pounds, 4 ounces

kenziegirl |

re: Q: Birth announcements?

For my first child I actually went to and picked out a large business postcard design I liked, uploaded four photos of my daughter and on the front put It's a Girl, her name, weight and height. On the back I put a cute girly design partially transparent and put all of her birth information including where she was born and that good stuff, our names, grandparents, great grandparents names and godparents.I think traditionally birth announcemnt are just one sided pic of baby with name, date, weight and height, however I prefer to be a little different and most of our family members live several hours away.

kaicee_a_05 |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

We aren't fans of birth announcements with baby pictures becuase most the time they are too big to put in a photo album and you don't want to keep all that info anyway. So we preordered birth announcements with a design on them and plan to put a wallet photo of the baby in each so people can have a pic of her to go with all the other pictures in an album or scrapbook or whatever and not take up space. By preordering we were able to get the envelopes addressed and stamped and have it paid for already. All we need to do now is stuff the envelopes after we give the info the company and they are printed!

smurf_11_83 |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

This is very helpful! I'm glad that I read this cause I was thinking how am I going to have enough time to do all of this?! But pre-ordering the envelopes first never crossed my mind That is such a great idea!

mkb82010 |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

Before my son was born, I spent a lot of time picking out announcements online but then after he was born this woman came in and asked if I wanted my son's photo taken. I said sure, and then after the mini photo shoot, she uploaded the images onto this laptop she had with her and I could order them if I wanted. The pics she took were simply AH-MAZE-ING and the package with the best value included annoucements. So I just quickly picked out a design I liked, gave her the birth stats and then maybe a week and a half later they arrived at my house. It was super easy and since the photos were professional quality, I didnt have to worry about sorting through all the photos we had taken (something I didnt actually end up getting around to until my son was about 3 months old!). It was so easy and I ended up getting the annoucements out much sooner than I anticipated which was great since most of my family lives far away. For the woman who asked what info you should put on the annoucment, most designs you will find online whether you go to Wal-Mart or a fancy stationary store will have examples you can follow and a lot of the designs are already set up with what you should put so you end up just filling in the blanks.

lizlazear |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

A very cost conscious option is or I ordered mine from Wal*Mart and they were a great deal and still had quite a few styles, layouts, and sizes to pick from, including Spanish options and options that allow for single or multiple pictures. Our friends and family loved the ones we sent out with a mommy and baby elephant on them. The envelopes come with them, so you would not be able to address and stamp them ahead of time, but you can have the address labels printed and stamps on hand so all you had is a sticker project and you are ready to go!

bettyboop2671 |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

Keep an eye out for free announcements. I found three different offers for a limited number of free announcements. All together I ended up with 40 free. Each site had the layout with name and stats already incorporated into the designs.

LisaT95 |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

Sites like and will mail your announcements for you! I am 8 months and have picked out my design and uploaded my addresses. After the baby is born I will just have to upload and image and enter stats and they will be sent out.

svanderk |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

It's all about the name! And stats for the roster, like time of birth, weight and length. Make sure it's a quality card, because baby only gets born once!

kmskoglund |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

Hey guys, For my daughter (1st) we found this website, We uploaded our picture, gave them all of the stats (weight, height...) and a list of who to send it to and they sent the cutest cookies I have ever seen. They were able to print the photo of Rachel on the cookie and there was a really pretty tag with all of the information. I wish I still had a picture of it but I just had to eat the cookie. You guys should check it out.

EMontgomery26 |


I am a fan of "less is more". I wanted to send out announce her birth with simplicity and class. I chose a design that incorporated a picture of her on the front and back of the card. I only included her first and middle names and date of birth.

latoshasmith |

Q&A: Sending birth announcements?

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