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Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

When is it safe to jog with baby after I give birth?

Re: When is it safe to jog with baby after I give birth?

The Bump Expert

Your baby will begin to hold herself in a sitting position with good head and neck control by six months. Once baby reaches this age, it’s safe to use the jogging stroller. In the meantime, you can get lots of exercise (and get back to your prebaby weight) by walking. There are many types of carriers and slings to allow the baby to go along for the ride.

Dr. Paula Prezioso, MD, is in private practice at Pediatric Associates of New York City and is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the NYU Medical School.

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

I'm a serious runner, even ran up to 26 weeks, when it started to get uncomfortable, I switched to eliptical. I have researched this & talked to trainers. You have to be very careful if you are breastfeeding. You want to run at about 60% of your ability, and keep distances short. 2 reasons: 1, you don't want to decrease your supply, & 2, if you have lactic acid in your system, it can actually be toxic for your child. I started running, with MD ok, at about 3 weeks post, but very light & slow at first. Most Dr's will say not to do anything like that until 6 weeks post.

oct1009 |

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

I didn't start seriously getting back into it until about 6 months when the little one could come. I went out and bought the best double jogging stroller I could find and then just took her with me. Had zero problems.

heathermurray |

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

I started running again post csection at 7 weeks. I have a carrier that fits into my jogging stroller so baby is safe and secure. She loves it! Shes now almost 6 months old and even in mid december we get bundled up and go for a run. She loves the movement and fresh air and usually ends up taking a nap....sometimes I wish I got to ride in the stroller! lol

dollymomma27 |

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

I started jogging a year after I gave birth to my son. The good part is I started to lose weight immediately after having him, so that was not my main issue. Of course there are things you cannot do right after birth; you have to take care first of all of your health and your baby's health. I wish I had a hockey pool to practice my favorite sport but that didn't happen, of course.

CallaAltena |

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

The majority of baby joggers suggest using the actual stroller seat only after 6 months old. You CAN use the stroller on it's own beforehand but jogging with the baby isn't suggested. That said, jogging solo can be done as soon as your doctor okays exercise post-birth. It's usually a month or two before this happens, because you really don't want to push it. Most doctors will usually suggest walking before you go right back into running.

MRSreadcomicbooks |

Q&A: Safe to jog after birth?

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