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Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

What kind of formula should I use?

Re: What kind of formula should I use?

The Bump Expert

Pick the cheapest cow's-milk based brand you can find, unless your doctor suggests soy-based, lactose-free, or another alternative. Avoid low-iron (under 4 mg per liter) formulas, which the American Academy of Pediatrics says are nutritionally inadequate. (Forget the misconception that iron causes constipation.) The government mandates nutrient levels in formula, so generic choices are fine. And, go for powder over liquid- there's no difference in nutrients or digestibility, and it's cheaper, portable and doesn't need refrigeration.

Whether you choose powdered, concentrated liquid or ready-made formula, always check the expiration date. Be safe about storage: Once you've opened, prepared or refrigerated the formula, use it within 48 hours, and don't leave prepared formula out of the fridge for more than two hours. Toss any formula left in the bottle after a feeding, because germs from baby's saliva will multiply in it. (Gross.)

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Picking a formula?

My husband and i read that powdered formulas are not good b/c they are unable to sterilize it as well as the liquid. i realize that she is not in a sterile environment anymore, but why take that chance? Secondly, you have to purchase that bottled nursery/distilled H2O and personally, i don't have the time to be dissolving the powdered formula in water. I will stick with the liquid, it works just fine!

Mrsk1020 |

re: Q: Picking a formula?

We find the powdered stuff so easy to work with! We microwave water in advance to boil it and sterilize it, then just pour water into bottles. When it's time to mix a bottle, all you have to do is add the powder, shake, and serve! Super easy to do when we're on the road, and since we take baby with us all over the place, that's important...

formossissima |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

There is one difference between powder and liquid formula. Powder tends to bubble up a lot more. My newborn baby does not take the powder formula at all . It causes too many air bubbles in his belly. My pediatrition suggested for us to hold off on powder until he is a little older.

babyprimero |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

I have used both powder and liquide, and pefer the powder. Fist is you do get more for your $$. I make a double batch (which goes in 48hrs) by boiling water, mixing and storing in fridge (reheat by puting in sause pan for 5-8sec until room temp). I have also read that caned formula cotaines BPA which can be harmful... My biggest problem now is finding the best organic formula for my 4wk old, as the newly added DHA is questionable.

MariDave01 |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

There is a large variety of baby formulas on the market and it is very difficult to choose one. This is why I've decided to request a pediatrician's opinion and he recommended me to buy a soy baby formula that contains many vitamins and minerals.

CarolinaJohanson |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

There are a lot of baby formulas on the market which are contain different vitamins and minerals.I've feed my baby with some organic baby formulas that I bought from Wichita classifieds and he liked them a lot.Now he is 2 years old and is very healthy.

AidaRoRo |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

My daughter is three weeks old. A couple days after I was discharged I had to start supplementing my baby's feeding with breast milk and formula. When I left the hospital they gave me a gift bag with some formula. I use the Simalac Advanced (the one with the blue lid). They gave me pre made bottles that do not need to be refrigerated (per the directions). I use both the pre made ones (when I am waiting on a bottle to warm) and the powder. I try to use whatever brand they used or gave us from the hospital.

SLGILL1978 |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

My doctor said there's no need to use boiled or distilled water. He said room temperature tap water was just fine. We use the Mejier brand (as compared to Similac Advanced). It has worked great. Less than half the price of the name brand.

sarahbeth122 |

Q&A: Picking a baby formula?

Hi there, my hubby and I are going through the process of selecting the formula (just in case as a back-up) right now. I am a person who does a lot of reading/research and after researching the US made formulas and ingredients in those-I have to say I will stay away from those. Even the ones labeled "organic" have some questionable at best ingredients. So, at this point-we settled on 3 options: option A-breastfeed of course! However, if I don't have enough milk for some reason or something else goes wrong-our options B is to give our baby raw cow or goat milk. You can log onto Weston A. Price Foundation for a list of local resources for raw milk, other dairy products, beef, chicken and so on. I must say-this organization has been very helpful in our organic/best-for-the-baby research! Option C-HIPP Organic infant formula. You can purchase it on Amazon-but be prepared to wait 2 weeks to receive it as it comes from UK. Although not mother's milk and not raw milk, this formula has by far the best ingredients, all simple ones that you can actually pronounce:))) It comes in milk & powder for different stages on baby's life. We have purchased powder formula. Sorry for a wordy answer, but my hubby and I are those people who didn't know better of what we were putting in our stomachs before I got pregnant, but with our little girl coming this July-we without question wanted to provide the best! Good luck to you!

Anastacia5 |

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