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Q&A: Newborn has crossed eyes?

Why do my baby's eyes looked crossed? Is this something I should be worried about?

Re: Why do my baby's eyes looked crossed? Is this something I should be worried about?

The Bump Expert

For about the first six months, it's normal for a baby's eyes to drift and wander, especially when they're tired or focusing on something very close. There's also something called pseudoesotropia in babies, which is an optical illusion caused by their flat nasal bridge. Look at your baby's nose, and then look at yours -- yours is much bigger and more defined. (Why such flat noses? To make breastfeeding easier! Same goes for the chin.) Since their eyes are also set very wide, it often only looks like their eyes are crossed when they're looking at a certain angle. If you look closely, you'll usually see that the pupils are lined up and moving together, but one of the white areas that you're used to seeing disappears into the skin folds. Try getting a picture with both your baby's eyes open, and look at the dark part of the eye -- you should see them both lined up.

Eyes shouldn't be stuck in any one spot, though -- they should move in any direction. Likewise, there shouldn't be any funny windshield wiper-like motions. If you notice either of these things, or drifting/wandering after six months, talk to your pediatrician.

Dr. Vicki Papadeas

Q&A: Newborn has crossed eyes?

This is normal.

JacquelineMedders1 |

Q&A: Newborn has crossed eyes?

Yes, it is normal and nothing to worry about in the first few weeks even months. However if you feel like there is a problem, make sure you ask - we noticed it a lot more with our daughter and when we asked the pediatrician we were told that it was normal as her brain was still developing and that it would 'get better with time' ... for 9 months we mentioned it at every well baby visit and were poo-pooed until we had a different doc covering ours and he immediately referred us to an Ophthalmologist and she was diagnosed with Duane's Syndrome and extreme farsighted-ness requiring glasses which she got at 13 months. Had she gotten them sooner perhaps it wouldn't have taken her until she was 16 months old to learn to walk? Anyhow the moral of my story (and there really is one) is that if something feels wrong ask, and keep asking until you feel better about it.

LuciRose |

Q&A: Newborn has crossed eyes?

This is very normal. My 6 month old has psuedoestropia and the Ophthalmologist she was referred to told me to look not at the white of the eyes to try and line up her eyes like her regular ped. did but to look at the reflection in her eyes. You can do this by looking at a flash photo of your baby and if the flash appears in the pupils then this is what you want, but if the flash reflection appears in the iris of one of the eyes then this is a true cross eye. Once i saw an example of this in a pamphlet handout they showed me it cleared up any questions i had. So if your baby's dr refers you to a specialist for this i definately recomend taking the time to go. The peace of mind is so worth it.

ChanelsMama |