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Q&A: Nanny training basics?

Now that I've hired a nanny, what kind of instructions and training should I give her to make sure everything goes smoothly while I'm away?

Re: Now that I've hired a nanny, what kind of instructions and training should I give her to make sure everything goes smoothly while I'm away?

The Bump Expert

Properly training a nanny is one of the most important things you can do to protect your children and ensure their best care. When working with a new nanny, I always put together a Home Care Booklet which contains all important childcare and household information. In the binder there should be a few important documents for the nanny to read and be able to reference when you are not there. For example:

[  ] In-depth job description, including all aspects of the job

[  ] Daily schedules for what the nanny should do morning until night

[  ] Schedules for each child

[  ] Schedules for pet or household events (i.e. when the trash is to be taken out)

[  ] Directions to important places (local hospital, doctors, school, classes)

[  ] Emergency information on your child, including blood type, medical history, current medicines

[  ] Emergency contact information for parents, family, neighbors, etc.

[  ] Household information (how to work the alarm, the heating, AC, etc.)

By arming your nanny with as much information as possible, you are ensuring a smooth transition and less stress during an emergency. When emergencies occur, people often become stressed and do not think clearly. However, if you set up a home care booklet, the nanny will know exactly where to go to get the crucial information.

In the beginning of the working relationship, sit with your nanny and first establish how you would like the relationship to be maintained. For example, should you each check in once a week and perhaps then once a month after things are transitioned. Be direct and tell her how you would like her to communicate with you. Remember to work with your nanny as a partner. A successful and honest partnership between nanny and parents fosters greater care and comfort for the children.

Tammy Gold

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

As a former nanny, here are some things that were very helpful, for both me and the family I worked for: -Nanny Log: a little notebook where I could jot notes about what happened that day, good or bad, like how they ate, diaper changes, outings, owies, etc. I could also write down any questions I had so I wouldn't forget them. The parents were also able to write back to me as often as they wanted/needed. -regular comunication: talking about the things written in the nanny log and/or events coming up etc helped us all stay organized and the parents felt a lot more connected with the kids. -Mommy/Daddy only activities: there were certian books and activities that I would not do with the kids so that they knew that was special mommy/daddy time. Most of them were things the parents did with the kids before I started working with them, but it helped keep that special attatchment with mommy and daddy. -Clear boundaries: make sure the nanny and parents agree and understand where certian boundaries are in specific situations such as discipline, who's in charge even when parents are home, spaces nanny (or children) is not allowed to go in, routines, who to contact first when child is ill, etc. Above all, the best thing you can do when working with a nanny is talk to her. Open communication is the best way to keep the relationship going smoothly. Set a time to discuss any problems regularly and encourage her to talk to you if problems arise on her end. has some great resources for parents and nannies and many more suggestions than I can think of.

mothergoose04 |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

Are you sure you hired the right nanny for your toddler? You should take in consideration the Contributing degrees for this job. It's mandatory for your babysitter to have a proper education. But if she is really good with your baby and she doesn't have an education you should encourage her to go to school after work.

tonight11 |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

When I've had my first baby and hired a nanny, I've also asked myself how better to train her. I was fortunate to find a site with leading resources on how nannies should better handle children and I've instructed her accordingly. I must admit that my training paid off and I was very content with how things turned out.

Penelope Berkman |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

You won't find the right nanny by yourself. You need professional help and in this case a human resources development specialist is fitted for finding your nanny. He will present you two or three nannies and let you to decide which one to choose.

lionking44 |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

As a Nanny Training Online Site, we provide an online training class and webinar. Best of all right now it's now completely free have her sign up at

sittercycle |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

You may hear the term "licensed" applied to nanny agencies. Employers trust Universities. A nanny agency is an employment service that may be licensed by the state department of labor. Nanny agencies recruit, screen, and interview those who want to become nannies, accepting only qualified applicants.

marcysmith2012 |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

Only qualified Nannies, with a clean background and several years of experience are introduced to Familiy clients who are in need of loving, reliable Career Nannies. GCN in Chicago has been in business since 2004, furthermore the owner and operator was a 'Gold Coast Nanny' herself for over 20 years and children of all ages are and always will be her passion, while making sure the finest Nanny is placed in your home, taking great care of your Little Ones for less. No matter what service you choose to supply your childcare; the Nanny should be knowledgable, full of patience and passion. The Nanny should also value your position as a client, parent and employee. The Finest of Nanny Dust to All.

AnotherMichelle |

Q&A: Nanny training basics?

Our company has started training and certifying nannies online, including starting in January in Newborn Care. Our nannies are being trained, coached, and mentored by us and our training partner the Newborn Care Training Association to provide support for new parents. Let us help you and your nanny through our classes

sittercycle |