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Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

It's starting to get hot outside... can the sun and heat hurt my baby? How should I protect him?

Re: It's starting to get hot outside... can the sun and heat hurt my baby? How should I protect him?

The Bump Expert

Baby needs to be kept cool AND kept safe from those nasty UV rays. (Meaning, while instinct may tell you to yank off that onesie, it’s not quite that easy -- the more clothing you remove, the more skin is exposed.) According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies under six months should stay never be under direct sun. To shield that virgin skin without blocking the breeze, dress baby in thin, loose, light colored clothing, and cover as much skin as possible. (You should do the same for yourself!) Use a bit of sunscreen to protect any exposed skin, or simply keep baby shaded with hats, umbrellas, etc. (And yes, small amounts of sunscreen are ok to use on baby -- more info on this.) Can’t resist the urge to strip down? No problem. If you use a baby carrier with built-in sun protection, a diaper and hat are all baby really needs. Try a mesh version for maximum air flow.

Liquids are another major part of your summer cool-downs. Be sure to keep baby (and yourself) hydrated, and take advantage of any opportunity to get wet. Can’t make it to the pool? Try carrying a small spritz bottle of chilled water in the pocket of your carrier.

The Bump Editors

re: Q: Sun Safety?

Please note that babies under the age of one year should not be given water unless directed by a pediatrician.

QueSara74 |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

Thank you thank you, QueSara74! My husband's a pediatrician and makes sure to bring this up to his patients when it starts getting warmer outside. It's something that we big people would think is good for kids, but giving water to an infant can cause an imbalance in electrolytes which can result in seizures! During summer months, pay attention to how much milk your baby is drinking and how many wet diapers s/he is making. If your baby is not eating well or making wet diapers, it can be a sign that s/he is becoming dehydrated, and it is probably time to contact your pediatrician.

dmurrie |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

I'm pretty sure the spritz water is for a |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

I'm pretty sure that the spritz water is for a hydrating facial spray. I hope you drink pool water. |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?, Your comment was unnecessary and mean-spirited. Of course the spritz bottle was meant for spraying, not drinking. But when many people hear "keep baby hydrated" they assume that means drinking water, like with adults. A friendly reminder not to give baby plain water never hurt anyone. Unlike intentionally mean comments are meant to do. If you can't say anything nice....

VeeRon |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

i was told that apple juice even gatorade watered down is good for baby because drinking milk isn't good in the heat it makes them have tummy aches and spit up more i take addison to softball games and tournaments all the time in texas heat slather him in baby sun screen bring his sun glasses a hat light colored clothes and stay in the shade as much as i can sprinkle some water on him from time to time so he can feel the breeze hes doing good. do make sure not to give him ice cold water if i leave the apple juice in the cooler the water i use is luke warm from the diaper bag.

gabriellakherrera |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

Question. Is it safe to give baby pedialight? by baby is 14 weeks old. We are going to Mexico for the holidays and it will be hot. I was wondering if I could give my baby Pedialight to help keep her hidrated.

Adrianadgz |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

As QueSara said above, it is not advisable to give young babies anything but milk to drink. It is mostly water anyway, and has the proper balance of nutrients for them, whereas water/gatorade/pedialyte do not.

dvmsara |

Q&A: Keeping baby safe in the sun?

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