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How Do I Swaddle a Newborn?

How can we swaddle our newborn like the hospital nurses did? We can never get the blanket wrapped right.

Re: How can we swaddle our newborn like the hospital nurses did? We can never get the blanket wrapped right.

The Bump Expert

Just like a haircut, huh? It always looks so much better when they do it. But, think of all the practice those nurses have had... it's no wonder they can perform miracles with receiving blankets. So keep trying -- eventually you'll get the hang of it. Your baby loves swaddling, because being in a tight bundle makes her feel like she's back in the comfy quarters of your womb. She may even sleep better swaddled, and if that's not an incentive, we're not sure what is.

So here's what to do. Lay out a lightweight blanket on your bed or the floor in a diamond shape. Picture a clock face. Fold the top corner (12 o'clock) down about 6 inches. Put your baby here, with her head just above the fold and her feet pointing toward 6 o'clock. Pick up the right-hand corner of the blanket (3 o'clock) and wrap it firmly over her right arm and chest, then behind her back (under her left arm). Next take the 6 o'clock corner of the blanket and pull it up over her feet, tucking it under her chin. Finally, pull the remaining corner (9 o'clock) across her body and around and under her back. Done!

(Still too hard? Try a swaddling blanket, designed specifically for this purpose.)

watch: step-by-step swaddling

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Swaddling 101?

how long do you swaddle for? I hear up to 3 months??

california01 |

re: Q: Swaddling 101?

My baby tolerated being swaddled for about three days after we brought her home. She would fight her way out, which was dangerous since the blanket would end up around her head. We got her a sleep sack which she seems to enjoy sleeping in, since it keeps her warm and she can have her arms free.

miss_mitzi |

re: Q: Swaddling 101?

My baby is 3 months today and still gets swaddled at's the only way he will not wake himself up with his arms going all over!!!

mlm0209 |

re: Q: Swaddling 101?

We were told at the hospital that swaddling was not recommended for sleeping because it can restrict breathing which can cause SIDS. We haven't been swaddling at night, and my baby is not sleeping well in her crib. We do swaddle during the day when we are alert and can check on her more frequently and she sleeps better. I'm not sure if we should try swaddling at night too...but then I worry that I won't sleep much because I'll constantly be checking on her.

angel_7499 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

As far as I know, it is safe to swaddle your baby at night. In fact, they love to be swaddled. Remember, it was tight inside the womb and that's what the baby is used to. My little one loves to be swaddled and it's a blessing.

mandillith |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I suggest getting a fabricated swaddle with velcro. They come in all sizes and colors. My 3 month old loves it. It is the easiest! Babies r Us have them

uctrinatrina |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Make sure you do your research on swaddling. If your baby is at risk of congenital hip dysplasia, swaddling is not recommended because of the possibility of increasing this risk. When you are in the hospital, have your nurse show you the safest way to swaddle your baby. Do not let other people tell you that you absolutely have to swaddle your baby because it's your choice. We never swaddled our daughter and she sleeps through the night just fine. At almost a month she started to sleep for 5 to 6 hours and now she's less than 3 months and sleeps a full 8 hours at night without waking. Your baby will eventually adapt to your parenting choices so decided what's best for you and your baby.

JBVsgirl |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Aden and Anais makes the best swaddling blankets ever that are stretchy and breatheable and can make a secure swaddle without being too restricting.

baleydyan |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

We also really like the Miracle Blanket, its a super easy way to swaddle and pretty inexpensive

Biancajmartin050909 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Someone above mentioned the Velcro swaddles, and I agree, they are wonderful. Stick with the cotton ones though, even in winter.

Krisbrood |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I used the swaddlers from Baby's R Us. It was the only way my boy could sleep through the night. Now I put him in sleeper blankets.

gbohaczyk |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

We used the SwaddleMe blankets with velcro and the Miracle Blanket for swaddling. I swaddled my son at night and he slept great as a newborn!

kxd170 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Halo sleep sacks and SwaddleMe blankets are the only thing we could master as new parents! They are a godsend if your baby likes to be swaddled.

robynbmwz3 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

The SwaddleMe works great for us. Also, the rectangular blankets make for an easier swaddle than the square ones. The book Happiest Baby on the Block has a great diagram on how to do a good swaddle.

logtolob |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

The halo swaddle is SIDS approved. I received another brand at my shower and I will be returning it for the halo brand.

our1stbabynov |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

My baby was breach so she sticks her legs straight up in the air. This makes it impossible to keep her swaddled. The sleep sack works great.

deadladyinred |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Start with laying the blanket out in a diamond shape and pull a small triangle down less then a 1/3 down the blanket. Lay your baby in the blanket, with his head above the triangle. Then wrap the left flap of the blanket over your baby's body and arms and tuck underneath . hen lift the bottom flap of the blanket and tuck into the right side underneath. Then, tuck the remaining left flap over the other side of your baby. You'll have it looking like the nurses did it in no time!

roargsu |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Sometimes it is tricky to wrap it tight, but another answer for the blanket is a swaddle wrap. You can buy them from babies-r-us. They have directions and are really easy to use. My son is 2weeks and loves swaddling. It works perfect for him.

bubbalove1620 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

My son enjoy's swaddlee at night but agree he moves about he is often found with arms out even with the velcro swaddles. I may try the halo so he at least has arm availability.

desireebare |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

My baby is 1 week old but I don't swaddle her. I don't think is really necessary. Her little clothes are just enough. Cazare Costinesti 2012

gabrielaela |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

We tried to not swaddle my daughter. She was really skinny when she was born and the swadle me small was still much too large. Once she was about 5 weeks she started pinwheeling her arms all night long and waking herself up. I was at my wit's end and contacted the doctor. She needed to be swaddled to calm herself and get some sleep. I have to wrap her very tightly because she can still break free if she tries hard enough but she's been able to fall back asleep much better now. We only use cotton swaddles, she gets really hot naturally so breathable material is a must. She's almost 12 weeks and we will continue to swaddle her until she makes it clear that she doesn't need it anymore.

aandcgreen |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I got a "swaddler" that has numbers on each corner, so you can do it! it's like swaddling for dummies (: but it is alot harder than people know, and you can do it wrong then worry if their breathing okay in it! the "swaddler" that i got, can be wrapped around me in a bunch of different ways too, so it helps when you are trying to do something and baby needs to be held. I got it online (:

GelBaby12 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

If you or someone you know can sew a straight line, get 1.5 yards of cotton flannel to make a big receiving blanket. The ones at the stores are all too small - my lil brute would bust out of them right away and our pediatrician suggested this - it was a lifesaver!

ysudiva |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I always had issues with blankets...bought a Woombie blanket off of babies r us website and it was the best purchase ever!! Love!

kynarina |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

Me too, It's really useful to browse your pages. Thanks, visit Trondelag

suzycharles |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

You swaddle until they can roll themselves from front to back

Alli89123 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

My son won't tolerate a swaddlefor long! he fights his way out an is miserable. It tried a swaddling sac and it was like putting him in a strait jacket! Consequently I now just leave him loose and on his back. Proves that not even proven techniques workfor ALL babies.

lotuskissed |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I suggest using Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. They are light weight and breathable. But yet durable and large enough to get a good swaddle. The are great if you have SIDS concerns. My son loves them and I just ordered the small security blankets with the silk boarder to take on road trips in the car.

therealme88 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

I suggest the Velcro swaddler - Snug & Tug. I advise against any blanket without velcro as my babies always broke free and ended up w a look blanket in the crib and that's not good.

catherinehall1129 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

FORGET swaddling a baby in a regular blanket... go with the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Swaddlers... they are perfect and we use them for our twins. You can read more about why we love them so much on my blog (they made the list for 3 Most Awesome Baby Shower Gifts ever!)

NicoleKidd822 |

Q&A: How to swaddle a newborn?

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