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Q&A: How serious is baby's fever?

How do I know when I should take baby to the doctor?

Re: How do I know when I should take baby to the doctor?

The Bump Expert

Because their immune systems aren’t mature, infants are more prone to serious infections, especially during the first three months, which is why it’s important to see your doc if your newborn has a fever. But please don’t assume that a baby has to have a fever for something serious to be going on; sometimes their smoke alarms have been unplugged. If your child doesn’t look right or you just have a feeling something is up, it’s never—repeat, never—wrong to call your doc. We welcome those kinds of false alarms. Mothers’ instincts have saved many young lives.

Answer excerpted from You Raising Your Child

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Q&A: How serious is baby's fever?

It's not easy to diagnose a new born on your own. But, if think that your baby is crying for a long, having some breathing issues and you, as a responsible person, thinks there is something going wrong with your girl/boy, then do call or consult your doctor immediately. remember they are prone to infections very quickly and if you delay to be diagnosed then, its a matter of concern for their life. AOK Emergency Room

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Q&A: How serious is baby's fever?

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