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How do I find a good pediatrician?

What are some tips for finding the right pediatrician for baby?


What are some tips for finding the right pediatrician for baby?

The Bump Expert

First and foremost: ask around. Good old-fashioned of word of mouth is probably the best way to find a great doctor. No matter what medical school a pediatrician graduated from, it really all boils down to patients' reports. You can't go wrong by asking your friends and family for advice in this department -- you’ll be sure to get an honest answer and a valued recommendation from someone.

Also try calling up your insurance company to get a list of doctors in your area that accept your plan. Once you've got a list of possible candidates, verify that your top choices are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics. That means they'll be up to date on the latest developments in child health.

Before you start making some phone calls and setting up consultations (don’t worry, they’re usually free), check out our Interviewing a Pediatrician Checklist. Some things to consider: What are their hours? Is the waiting room kid-friendly? Do they have any sub-specialties? Do their views on bottlefeeing or vaccinations align with yours? A round of interviews will weed the bad ones from the good, and you should have yourself a good doctor in no time. And don't stress too much about it! It's easy to get worked up about all the details and decision leading up to baby's arrival, but keep in mind that nothing is irreversible. If it turns out later that the pediatrician you picked isn't quite working out, you'll simply find a new one and move on.

Here's how Bumpies made the final decision on their own pediatricians:

"We wanted a clinic that had more than one doctor, that was affiliated with good hospitals in the area, and that had emergency hours and after-hours lines. We also went with a man because we hope that he will be our pediatrician for our son's entire childhood." -- ValerieGP

"I liked that their office had a 'sick' entrance and a 'well' entrance so my healthy baby didn't have to hang out amidst the germs." -- Jazibel

"The building where I see my OB is a satellite facility of the hospital at which I delivered, so it has pediatricians, specialities, urgent care, etc. It's so convenient to have so much in one local building, so we're going with their pediatrics practice." -- ball.and.chain

"I attended a series of Baby Prep 101 classes through my hospital, and one of the handouts they gave had a list of local pediatricians to contact." -- ATC282

"I looked for a doctor who aligned with my health beliefs. He's a traditional pediatrician but doesn't jump to antibiotics, and he's a big proponent of exclusive breastfeeding." -- herbabymama

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Paula Kashtan

I think that the best way to find the right ped for you is to ask friends and family, they know you best and what you want for your child. We had the hardest time finding a good doc, we went through three. The first two were probably good doctors but they were not a good fit for us. The doctor that we are with now was one that a family member had told us about and we are so happy with her. Also, trying a group practice that has multiple docs that you could see until you find the one that is on the same page as you.

zoe35 |

After nearly 5 yrs of going to the same Dupage medical group. I realize now that I need to look for a new paed. I am sad to say they need to get better doctors And what I have learnt is that I need a patient , compassionate doctor who will take the time to listen to the problem and treat it at his best ability and not bother about how much time has passed in the examination room!

tanram |

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taheshaC |

We ended up going with the pedi that was in the delivery room during my c/s. She was excellent, informative, reassuring and related well to us and our LO. She wasn't taking patients but she made an exception for us because we had a good repoir. She originally recommended a pedi in another practice, which probably would have been fine, but we LOVE her!

SnowflakeBride06 |

You can read professional writer works about the doctors. After this you can choose the best pediatrician.

Geneve87 |

We were actually referred to a doctor from a few friends and it was also on the list my midwife gave me. My main concern was that it takes 30 minutes to get to his office. I talked with my midwife about everything and what she said makes sense: having a doctor that you are comfortable with, listens to you and fits your beliefs should take top priority during the first year of a childs life (this is when most doctors will be pushy in their "opinion" and is difficult as a first time mom wanting to do everything right for baby). What we came up with was using this doctor for the first year and then transitioning to someone local, as when baby gets a little older office visits will only be for emergencies. Then again, if we love this office we may stay there!

GreenSmoothieGirl |

As suggested earlier, the best way is to ask around. Your friends and familuy will surely have someone to recommend. swimming pools

heartattacks |

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How do I find a good pediatrician?

I think that you should visit a dual diagnosis rehab where you can get multiple opinions from different doctors. That will surely help you more with delivering a healthy baby. Good luck and God bless you!!

annasiegfried |

How do I find a good pediatrician?

The thought of looking for a pedi overwhelmed me and our insurance plan customer service is sh*t (sorry). They gave me wrong #'s, obgyn's that didn't accept my plan, etc when I was looking for a obgyn so when the topic of looking for a pedi I was hesitant. So we just went with the pedi the hospital provided and we LOVE her. She's patient, listens, baby talks my son, REMEMBERS HIM when we go in, reassures me on what a good job I'm doing, I never wait longer than 5 minutes her waiting room even if I don't have an appointment, she doesn't rush out of the examination room. I can go on and on on how happy I am with her.

kidoe |

How do I find a good pediatrician?

I've always dreamt to become a nurse and I finally did it.I received a good job in a pediatric hospital and there are some professional and well trained pediatricians.

suniscomming |

How do I find a good pediatrician?

There will be a pediatrician on call in the hospital when we deliver but we switched to a family practice not that long ago so the whole family goes to the same practice now and that is where we will be bringing our newest addition in a few months :). They are wonderful and are very attentative to the entire family's needs.

danfionar |

How do I find a good pediatrician?

I just started my pediatrican search this week and feel like I'm way behind the game! I'm due on November 15th (first time mom) and I've felt so overwhelmed with all the other details that I haven't even began to think about what to look for in a pediatrician! After doing a bit of research I found the below article very helpful. Be sure to check it out if you're struggling in where to even get started in choosing a pediatrician like myself!

Navix |