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Gripe Water?

Does gripe water really work?


Does gripe water really work?

The Bump Expert

Any parent who’s had to face seemingly endless crying from their newborn is eager to for a safe, natural solution to quiet things down. But unfortunately, there’s not a lot of good evidence that shows gripe water can help reduce crying. Research published in the journal Pediatrics found complementary or alternative treatments like gripe water (which typically contains ginger and fennel extract), mixed herbal teas and sugar solutions had a minimal effect on helping “colicky” babies stop crying. The good news is, if you want to try gripe water, there’s also not a lot of risk of using it -- as long as you use it in small amounts, as directed.

Know that most of these crying jags will peak at about six or eight weeks. In the meantime do what you can to help soothe your little one -- changing, burping, feeding, rocking, holding, walking, or whatever else you can think of to keep him calm. And remember it’s okay to take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed, since dealing with a crying baby can be stressful for everyone in the house. Talk to your pediatrician about support solutions, or to find out if your baby has an allergy or intolerance that might be making him cry more than usual.

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Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, FAAP, pediatrician with Seattle Children's Hospital, Everett Clinic

Gripe Water?

My first child was very colicky in the beginning and we tried everything but she still cried most of the day and night until my sister brought me a bottle of grip water and it seemed to work miracles she'd burp after a few minutes of having it and would sleep peaceful 10 yrs later now that I'm pregnant with my 2nd child I will make sure I put a couple of bottles of gripe water on my baby shower want list. Its a God send I recommend it to everyone

joysyear |

Gripe Water?

My little man screamed most of last night, and thanks to Gripe Water, is sleeping soundly tonight. Saved my sanity and his tummy!

aoleyne |

Gripe Water?

I think that it is worth a shot if you have a baby who seems to have a lot of trouble with gas! My LO did and the drops were not helpful, but gripe water did the trick!

mcarter91011 |

Gripe Water?

My LO gets hiccups really bad on a daily occurance, after talking to the nurses at her doctors office they told me to try gripe water. I call it her hiccup medicine because it takes them away instantly and helps settle her stomach of any gas she may have had. I love it!

ashsteb |

Gripe Water?

We had a crying baby in the middle of the night who after all the tricks in the book (aka Google) could not be soothed. She was very gassy and had visible digestive discomfort....we could see what was wrong but nothing was making her feel better. I then remembered that my cousin had suggested I purchase gripe water for this exact reason. I busted it open and gave it a shot.....within minutes she had calmed down and was able to relax and eventually fall back asleep. I am not sure what studies have been done out there on the effectiveness of gripe water....but my own experience at 3 in the morning was proof enough for me!

emayo21 |

Gripe Water?

Gripe water has always helped my little man! He was Colicky (not too horrible thank you God!) I usually gave him the recommended amount and about 15 minutes later he would pass gas and be a lot more calm!

janellew06 |

Gripe Water?

Our usually happy 2 week old started being extremely fussy and would not settle down. She kept moving around and seemed very uncomfortable. We rocked her and did everything we could to settle her down without any relief. I remembered my SIL used gripe water for gas so I thought it would be worth a try. Within seconds, our fussy baby was quiet and fell asleep. It was crazy how fast it worked!

Kriztyn |